Houston Filmmakers Aiding Rolling Stone Cover Hopeful

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RO: Are you planning on continuing music videos as a career?

CG: Well you know the work of most filmmakers usually never gets seen, especially us independent filmmakers. We put an immense amount of time and money into our vision, and in the end we give birth to this awkward baby that we are trying to expose to the world.

Metaphorically, there's not a large market for awkward babies. Although, for commercials and music videos, you have your market and audience built right in. We all love Spike Jonze, yes, but he wouldn't be known to us if it wasn't for his hard work towards music videos.

Look at the directors today that are filling our movie theaters with content; Gondry, Jonze, Kosinski, and Marc Webb all made their name through music videos and commercial work. Now with social networking and online media, you're vision has somewhere to travel.

RO: How important do you think it is for unsigned musicians to make videos, and what's your advice to them?

CG: For any artist, you need a body of work. You need content with your name on it, because nowadays "content" and "product" are essentially the same. In the past, the market was "MTV or Bust," but sadly we don't have media outlets like MTV anymore. Sorry guys.

The way the culture works has changed; "Lady GaGa broke a million views today". It's all about views and footwork; how many eyes are pointed at your content? If you don't have a body of work, what do you have? What are you? Viral media controls the market.

Watch Spike Jonze's "Praise You" for Fatboy Slim. Is this not a viral video? Fatboy and Jonze exploded together. When talented filmmakers and musicians join forces, that's what happens.

Goubeaud hopes to use notoriety from the project to enable him to produce more music videos for bands in his hometown. Interested artists should contact him at charlestaylorgoubeaud at gmail dot com.

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