Houston Gets the Clap Tonight - the Soul Clap Dance Party, That Is

Looks like Rocks Off better get out of here pretty quick and take a nap, because it appears we'll be overindulging at Mango's for two nights in a row. We might be able to dance off some of those beers this time though, because on his way to Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, former Houstonian Jonathan Toubin steers his New York Night Train into Mango's for the traveling edition of his wildly popular monthly Soul Clap DJ night. Toubin, a familiar face to those who hung around the Axiom and Pik N' Pak, will delve deep into his finely honed collection of '50s and '60s soul and R&B - the grittier, the better - to help you get over the hump by shaking your rump. Then, at midnight, Toubin and a select panel of judges - Tex and Erica from Indian Jewelry, Big Star Bar owner Brad Moore, recent nonvoter Rad Rich, sometime Rocks Off contributor Dusti Rhodes and Beaver's Ice House Chef JJ will determine who's got the moves that groove in an old-fashioned dance-off. Rocks Off urges only the sexy people to enter and the rest of you not to block our view. The prize is $100 or, as we like to call it, a hundy. Mango's is hot and sweaty on a slow night, so no telling what it's going to be like this evening. We have a few ideas - Lord help us.

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