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Houston Is "Crazy in Love" With Drag Performer Tyoncé Moore

When Ty Moore heard Destiny Child's first radio single more than a decade ago, a unique kind of love was sparked -- one that would take the young Houstonian to the far lengths of fandom and straight into a personal limelight of dedicated idolatry.

Today, Moore spends a substantial chunk of her life as Tyoncé, a spitting-image incarnation of H-town's own resident diva Beyoncé Knowles. Being an impersonator and onstage performer is more than just a past-time or even career for Moore -- it is a way of life.

Last month, after Beyoncé made style headlines with a new pixie haircut, Tyoncé wasted no time following suit. Within hours of the singer's big photo reveal, her self-made doppelganger posted a nearly identical image to the official Tyoncé Moore Facebook page.

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Leila Chemam-Alfaro