Houston Music

Houston Music, Back in the Day: Same as It Ever Was?

Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth-largest city in the United States, with a population that is increasingly culturally diverse yet maintains a strong social identity.

It's not especially well-known for its various music scenes (save rap, arguably) due to a combination of layout and luck. But clinically speaking, rejoicings and complaints about those scenes have varied and diversified throughout the years alongside Houston's population. What was once considered dissonant and rude may be seen as tame and harmonious now, just as some things may look boring today next to what they used to be. Things evolve with time.

The evolution of public communication and expression has guided the changes in our scenes, steering local tastes from a few variants of folk music to just about anything after the advent of the World Wide Web. In other words, now all kinds of music can be accessed and produced according to your personal taste. But this applies anywhere. Regardless of today's choice overload, and whether or not Houston itself has ever offered the grandest spectacles, there has always been something to see, whether popular or alternative.

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Alexa Crenshaw