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Houston Musicians Don't Take The Holidays Off

Unsure how to keep up with all that local music news during the holidays? Fear not, Rocks Off makes it a point to mine those Internets each week, bringing the finest recap of Houston's musical cyber-territories. It's full of win, as they say, and our holiday gift to everyone out there.

For our MCM soundtrack this week, consider pulling up Living Shred's new "Vibe the Fuuuck Out" mix - an almost hour-long chill session that is sure to relieve that late December stress.

Remember, there are still shows going on this week, for anyone in need of an escape from the in-laws, an excuse to go drinking, or just some local music. A few that caught our eye:

Vinyl Junkie has just posted a bunch of new stock, in case you need a record or two.

In case you hadn't heard them yet, a few tracks on House of Dreams that weren't previously available for streaming are up on Hollywood FLOSS' Bandcamp page. Hip-hop site DJBooth.net has another new track, "I'll Be Honest" up for streaming, along with some nice press for the local rapper.

Clory Martin has some new video content up on her Reverbnation profile, including a cover of Neutral Milk Hotel's "Oh, Comely."

VerseCity has been spamming the Interwebs with their new single, "Pressure!"

Mark Austin drops in with another video, this time an acoustic song from Tyagaraja called "The Sparrow."

The Ton Tons have been in SugarHill, finally getting some new songs down on tape. Word is that the drums are done.

Stephen Farris, who performs under the moniker Cosmic Sound as well as being a member of our beloved Ghost Mountain, has a new EP on Bandcamp, entitled Indigo. It'll cost five bones to put the tracks on a hard drive, but it's worth it.

Sky Lounge wants everyone to hear a demo of their new song, "Don't Feel a Thing."

Andrew Karnavas is giving away a new song, "Maybe This Time"

Inner Lights posted videos of two songs from a Fitzgerald's performance: "The Greening" and "Ocean Singing."

How's about some videos from last weekend's Temporary Insanity Fest, eh?

The Energy, "Girls Don't Like Me" from Mark Armes

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And a few from Andrew Lee: The Cutters, Austin's OBN III's, and Muhammidali's "Drugs"

We also found a pair of rap EPs on Bandcamp: Cuddy Mayne's Youngest, and HPMA nominee Kyle Hubbard's Tomorrow In Retrospect.

And, finally, here's a little piece of KTRU nostalgia for you: G.G. Allin, on-air in 1993.

Remember bands: send your emails to marc [dot] brubaker [at] gmail [dot] com, to ensure that we see that bit of news that you'd like posted in MCM.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.