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Houston Press Brings Back Cocktails & Covers For Another Summer Of Awesome Fridays

Cocktails are awesome, and so are bands that are playin' some sweet tunes that you know and love. So when you combine the two, magic happens.

That magic will be exactly what is happening the rest of the summer, thanks to the summer concert series, "Cocktails & Covers," brought to you by the Houston Press (that's us!), which just adds to the awesomeness.

So here's what's happenin'. On Friday nights -- from July 12 to August 23 -- we'll be hosting a concert series at the House of Blues with some of the sweetest cover and tribute bands in the city, and it will knock your nerdy little socks off. Don't believe me? Look, I'll show you.

July 12: Pearl Gem/Nervana/Alyson Chayns What could be sweeter than a Pearl Jam/Nirvana/Alice N Chains group of tribute bands? It's '90s nostalgia done the right way; you won't have to worry about hearing anything by Smashmouth or Sugar Ray, so it's a guaranteed win-win situation right there.

July 19: Toology This four-piece band is a tribute to the rock gods known as Tool, so be prepared for all the Tool show trademarks: long songs, intricate musicianship, and shirtless dudes rockin' out.

July 26: Skyrocket! Quite possibly one of the danciest cover bands around, Skyrocket! is an explosion of '80s hits and utter fun. Think everything from the Clash to Carly Simon, with a bit of Abba thrown in for good measure. G'head on with your bad self; we won't judge. We want you to be the dancing queen.

August 2: Mysterious Ways In case you haven't decoded their name as of yet, these guys are a rad little U2 tribute band, complete with all of the U2 songs you'd ever want to hear, and a healthy dose of Bono antics to go along with them.

August 9: The Smites This Smiths tribute band might be the only way you'll ever see Morrissey and Johnny Marr on the same stage again. If that's not enough to sell you, think of all the awesome new wave dance moves you've had tucked in your pocket since the '80s. It's time to resurrect those bad boys, no?

August 16: Kozmic Pearl/Nightbird This tribute duo is representin' two badass ladies in rock -- Janis Joplin and Ms. Stevie Nicks. What could be better than a night of beers, beats, and Fleetwood Mac tunes?

August 23: The Molly Ringwalds If it was acceptable in the '80s, it's acceptable at a Molly Ringwalds show, folks. Tease your hair, throw on your leg warmers, and indulge in that blue eyeshadow you've been secretly coveting so you can jam out to .38 Special and The Cars. It'll be just what you needed. (Yeah, I said it. Puns are kinda my thing.)

Looking for more information on Cocktails & Covers? Click here.

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Angelica Leicht
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