Houston Press Music Awards Ballot Now Online; Voting Open

Last week, Rocks Off was proud to announce the nominees for the 2013 Houston Press Music Awards. Looks like it got a lot of people talking, which is what we were hoping for. Once again, we''ll be honoring the city's top practitioners of the musical arts in the high heat of summer, at our annual HPMA showcase on Sunday, August 4. (Nominees or those representing nominees, if you'd like to play, please get in touch.)

Now you can start voting on your favorites. This year's online ballot, which will also appear in the June 20 print issue of the Houston Press, is open for bidness right'chere at this Web site. Go ahead and start voting; one ballot per person, please. Voting closes at 2 a.m. after the showcase (Monday, August 5), when some amplifiers and ears will probably still be ringing.

Also, hard as it is to believe, this is the HPMAs' shining silver anniversary this year. Twenty-five years, the big 25. It's hard to believe they've been around this long (let alone the ol' HP itself), or that those years could go by so quickly. But rest assured we're working on some suitably special ways to mark the occasion.

The location of the HPMA showcase and ceremony will be announced soon, so stay tuned. Also, check for updates at the official HPMA Web site and on Twitter at @hpmusicawards, and of course right here.

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Chris Gray has been Music Editor for the Houston Press since 2008. He is the proud father of a Beatles-loving toddler named Oliver.
Contact: Chris Gray