Houston Rap, In The Most Graphic Possible Terms

Here at Rocks Off, we have some very talented writers who think so far outside the box it's more like a Palma Square lidded wicker basket from Crate & Barrel. One of these is Shea Serrano, whose unorthodox interviewing style has caused many an Artist of the Week designee to respond, "Huh?"

When not taking his two toddlers to Miller Outdoor Theatre for Monday's fireworks and otherwise generally staying true to the game, Serrano is an HISD middle-school teacher. Maybe that explains why he was so easily able to render the lyrical guts of Houston rap anthems by Slim Thug, Fat Tony, Bun B, Chamillionaire and more in graphic terms any eighth-grader could understand.

Serrano made these graphs, he tells us, in an hour Monday while his boys took an afternoon nap. We think they're brilliant; via Twitter, Slim Thug, Propain and Trae Tha Truth have all agreed. Enjoy.

UGK, "One Day"
Slim Thug, "Like a Boss"
Assholes By Nature, "Slap On Sight"
Propain, "Don't Even Worry"
Chamillionaire, "Ridin'"
Slim Thug, "I Run"

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