Screwston, Texas

Houston Rap Year-End Odds And Ends

We're seven days away from the beginning of the New Year. Let's make sure we go in there clean, shall we? Time to dump out the mailbag:

First, stay tuned for our Top 10 Houston Rap Albums of the Year, coming Monday. Iceberg Slim of Screwheads Only traded emails with us while we put it together. Here's his version of the list, which deviates a bit from the official version, though mostly only in the position of album titles:

10. Delo, Hood Politics Vol. 1 9. Propain, #Departure 8. Scarface, Dopeman Music 7. The Niceguys, The Show 6. Killa Kyleon, Natural Born Killa 5. Slim Thug, Tha Thug Show 4. K-Rino, Annihilation of the Evil Machine 3. Trae, Can't Ban The Truth 2. Bun B, Trill OG 1. J-Dawg, Behind Tint Vol. 2

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Shea Serrano