Houston Rap Year-End Odds And Ends

We're seven days away from the beginning of the New Year. Let's make sure we go in there clean, shall we? Time to dump out the mailbag:

First, stay tuned for our Top 10 Houston Rap Albums of the Year, coming Monday. Iceberg Slim of Screwheads Only traded emails with us while we put it together. Here's his version of the list, which deviates a bit from the official version, though mostly only in the position of album titles:

10. Delo, Hood Politics Vol. 1 9. Propain, #Departure 8. Scarface, Dopeman Music 7. The Niceguys, The Show 6. Killa Kyleon, Natural Born Killa 5. Slim Thug, Tha Thug Show 4. K-Rino, Annihilation of the Evil Machine 3. Trae, Can't Ban The Truth 2. Bun B, Trill OG 1. J-Dawg, Behind Tint Vol. 2

Good ol' Summertime Johnny has let a new single fall from his mouth (even though it is not, in fact, summertime, he still makes music). You can add his name to the increasingly long list of guys who are expected to have strong 2011s.

Paul Wall has a new mixtape out as well. You can grab it here for free.

Ooh, SwishaHouse has a very cool dubstep (DUBSTEP!) mixtape out right now called, appropriately enough, Welcome To Trillstep. Google it. It's not as seamless as Squincy Jones's Nintendub from years ago, but it's close. We'll have more on this in a bit.

Have you heard Show yet? You absolutely should have. We just got through listening to his 3rd Down tape about four times. We'll have a write-up of it coming soon. In the meantime, you can download it for free here and try to decide for yourself if you like it or not.

The Niceguys have a new video out. Their debut album The Show rated as our seventh-best of the year.

Remember The Sans-Bayonet (right)? We got an email from him last week. It's about a new project he's worked on. Here's his message:

"It's actually a pretty cool concept. [Hollywood] FLOSS sent me four 16s, and I made two beats for each, a dark one and a light one. Good and evil. Heaven and hell. So there's eight tracks made from four 16s, so the listener can decide if they like the evil/dark/hell version or the good/heaven/light version.

All the hell samples were from Tom Waits' album Blood Money, which seemed like the most evil album I was familiar with, and all the haven samples came from Sigur Ros, because it was the most heavenly thing I could find after I couldn't get a whole albums worth of Enya samples."

That's the type of creativity that is bubbling around right now in Houston. Grab it here.

Gruh, gruh, gruh, gruh, gruh, gruh, gruh G.R.I.T. Boys!!!!

More music from Roderick Thornton, who has become one of a very select few of rappers whom our anti-rap wife has said nice things about.

RoderickVONN, "Minimum Wage"

RoderickVONN, "Too Dope"

Z-Ro has taken to posting new music bits on Twitter and it's good for so many reasons. Here's an in-the-studio video he posted recently. He seems reinvigorated, right?

Here's that

hasHBrown and Kidd the Great single

that you didn't know you liked.

Big brother Cory Mo released a video for "Luxury Smokin'." It's been about time for this to come out, we suppose.

Thanks for your continued support. Please continue to send emails. Have a safe holiday weekend. See you Monday.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.