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Houston’s 10 Best Trivia Bars

Craft beer. Beards. Pretending to like soccer simply to sound like an intellectual sports fan. These are all trends that have risen to prominence over the past several years. Add trivia to that list. And while bars and restaurants around Houston have hosted trivia nights for years, the trend has truly exploded in recent years. Some bars partner up with trivia organization Geeks Who Drink, and others simply host their own weekly trivia nights. Either way, Houston doesn’t lack for nightly trivia options. Flex your mental muscle at any of these spots. (Note: This list is in alphabetical order.)

Many bars around town offer weekly trivia nights, whereupon regulars and newbies alike converge at a spot for their weekly dose of trivia. But weekly simply won’t do for Catbirds (2012 Houston Press winner for Best Trivia Bar), which offers up trivia six nights a week. Cap it off with nightly drink specials ($2 Shiner drafts on Tuesdays are a particular favorite) and you get a Houston trivia junkie’s dream. (1336 Westheimer,

This Houston sports-bar institution features four Houston-area locations, each of which offers up a weekly trivia night. The Christian’s Midtown and Heights locations go live on Tuesday nights, while Wednesdays are for the newer Downtown and Energy Corridor locations. The former spots serve up $1 tacos on Tuesdays, while the latter features one of the city’s best steak nights on Wednesdays. (4 Houston-area locations,

The majority of trivia nights in Houston take place on weeknights, when folks are looking to blow off steam and focus their thoughts on something other than going back to work the next day. Darwin’s Pub, meanwhile, took a different approach when it partnered up with Geeks Who Drink for the organization’s lone Saturday-night trivia night in Houston. The food trucks that typically reside on-site are legit, and the beer specials rank among the best in the city. (33 Waugh,

Working late on Tuesday night, but still want to get your trivia fix? Good news. In addition to its usual 7:30 Tuesday-night trivia, Flying Saucer also offers a 9:30 option for late-night types. Pair up trivia with some of the best bar food in downtown (the Reuben is on point) and one of its most diverse beer menus to make Tuesday slightly more tolerable. (705 Main,

Little Woodrow’s seems to pop up on a lot of these bar lists, and with good reason. For one, it features seven Houston-area locations. More important, each one offers something that makes it unique. In the case of Woodrow’s Rice Village, Heights and Midtown locations, that includes Geeks Who Drink trivia. Rice Village kicks things off on Tuesday nights, and Woodrow’s Heights and Midtown locations throw down the trivia gauntlet on Wednesdays. Teams that finish in the top three usually walk away with a Little Woodrow’s gift card, and the quizmasters are so entertaining, it’s worth taking in the festivities even if you suck at trivia. (7 Houston area locations,

Thursday nights are perfect for trivia. Sure, the weekend isn’t quite here, but it’s close enough to where you want to get out and maybe do something low-key. Fortunately, the Maple Leaf Pub is one of a handful of area bars that can oblige. Thursday night is also $12 pitcher night, and during hockey season, the bar is downright energized as the weekend draws near. (514 Elgin,

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