Houstonians Learn the "Thriller" Dance

Who would have ever imagined just a little over a week ago that Houstonians would be convening on the lush confines of Discovery Green to learn to do the "Thriller" dance? Or in the sweltering dog days of July for that matter? The dance seems way more like a Halloween affair than anything else.

But a week ago Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, was still shuffling around this mortal coil with the rest, albeit in a much more sedated and euphoric state than most. The guy seems to get even more interesting as the details of his private life are publicly sorted out. Who would have known that his drug intake would make Keith Richards blush?

A week to the day that the King of Kings took the King of Pop home to the big dance studio in the sky, Dance Houston put on a "Thriller" dance clinic to honor the world's fallen idol. Families and amateur steppers converged on the grass to learn each little step of the dance.

Rocks Off can't help but think the city would be all that more magical with random dance clinics popping up everywhere. Hell, it is exercise after all, and the whole country has been forever telling us how chubs we all are around the Bayou City in numerous "Fattest City" countdowns. The least we could do is learn a few wicked moves in the process of losing some poundage.

Our minds our ablaze with ideas now that we know how many people will brave the late day heat just to dance. We have always had a soft spot for Grease in our dark hearts so we wouldn't mind a little "Born To Hand Jive" action from time to time.

When Patrick Swayze finally gets that job cracking skulls in the eternal "Road House", we will be on the Green waiting to do some dirty dancing with a Baby of our own, albeit with a good fifth of firewater in our bellies.

Let's just hope that the "Macarena" stays firmly implanted in '90s where it belongs.

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Craig Hlavaty
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