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Houston's 10 Best Bars For Friday the 13th

When we think of Friday the 13th, we not only think of the superstitious fears associated with the date but also the popular slasher movie series featuring the character of Jason Voorhees as the hockey mask-wearing killer of camp counselors; taking over from his mother after the first film, of course. Here are some places that tie in to the date, the movies, and a few places that might bring you good luck if you feel like you need it on the 13th. Have no fear this Friday, go out and enjoy your life.

Moon Tower Inn is a spot that makes us think of Friday the 13th's Camp Crystal Lake setting, with its large outdoor picnic table seating area under the moonlight at night; there was always a full moon out when Jason was stalking teenagers in those movies, remember? Moon Tower specializes in serving up craft beers and sausages on pretzel buns; their "Wild Game Wieners" include such varieties as wild boar, duck, venison, rabbit, lamb, pheasant and more, with your choice of toppings, not to mention their great craft beer selection. Bring along a Frisbee or some hula hoops to play around with after your meal, or throw some horseshoes.  (3004 Canal,

In Ireland the four-leaf clover has long been a lucky charm; why not head over to Griff’s Irish Pub to ward off any bad Friday the 13th vibes, since the luck of the Irish is bound to be found there? Seriously, even if you’re not superstitious this Montrose institution has been around for 50 years now for good reasons, and you are bound to have a good time here so go check it out this Friday. Griff’s is the oldest sports bar in the city and the place has 22 TVs, including five big screens, to catch a game on and Griff's Army of sports fans is sure to be out in full force throwing back some brews. Try the "World Famous Griff's Burger" or throw in an extra buck to add a fried egg and make it a "Heart Attack Burger." This is what old-school sports bars are all about.  (3416 Roseland,

We will use any excuse to go visit Numbers on a Friday night again; who doesn’t like Houston’s longest-running weekly dance event, Classic Numbers, with DJ Wes Wallace spinning music and videos from the 80s with some modern goth, techno, electronica and more mixed in? Friday the 13th and the goth music played here seem to pair well together, so there is another reason to go if you need one. The large-capacity dance floor is packed weekly with the usual mix of scenesters from various subcultures: emo kids, punks, goths, mods, club kids, indie rockers, metal heads, vampires, etc. You will also run into a few now fortysomething folks reliving the '80s (some never left), curious suburbanites, fabulous drag queens, gregarious inebriated people, and more, all out to have a good time.  (300 Westheimer,
If you’re worried about bad luck on Friday the 13th, why not visit a place called Lucky’s to chase that negativity away? Lucky’s Pub is a sports bar, in case you did not know, and a good place to catch the Houston Rockets take on the Denver Nuggets this Friday starting at 8 p.m; it's probably a good idea to arrive a little earlier than the game's starting time to ensure you and your friends get to sit together as the place can get crowded, especially on the weekends. There are more than enough TVs available here to watch the game on including some large projection screens, and the bar food here is pretty good; try the pizza or a Lucky Burger and wash it down with one of the beers from the bar's large selection of draft and bottled brews. Lucky’s also has a groovy location in the Heights at 2520 Houston Avenue, which should bring you equally good luck.  (801 St. Emanuel,

West Alabama Ice House kind of reminds us of the Friday the 13th movie series’ Camp Crystal Lake setting; sure, there is no lake here but the bathrooms out back remind us of the shower room/bathrooms from the first film and the basketball, ping-pong, and bean-bag toss games out back bring to mind the summer camp in the film as well. Don’t worry there are no Jason Voorhees types in hockey masks to stalk you here; West Alabama is a big, backyard-party place where people come to grab some cold beers, sit on shaded picnic tables, and enjoy good conversation with friendly and approachable patrons. Outside scattered weekend live performances, music here comes from the Internet jukebox; fortunately the customers have good taste. Speaking of good taste, try the Tacos Tierra Caliente food truck across the street. Good stuff.  (1919 W. Alabama,

We can’t really think of any clever Friday the 13th tie-ins for this place, but head on over to Black Barbie to see Kansas City’s freak-rockers Phantom Head at 8 p.m. along with Houston hardcore band Cop Warmth, rockers Narrow Head from Dallas, and new band on the scene Clasp, all for only $5 bucks. Black Barbie is an East End DIY venue that has been hosting quite a bit of live music as of late; in the past, Black Barbie has also hosted special events including art shows, painting, yoga, dance, sculpting lessons, and silent auctions. If you have not heard of the place before, it’s possible you might have driven right past it and not realized what it was; signage from the building's previous occupant, El Mante Taqueria & Mini-Market is still up on the building — we aren’t sure if the Black Barbie owners added the painted smiling face to it or not.  (3621 Canal,

Here is another “lucky” place to visit on Friday the 13th; Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge has 14 lanes for bowling, and you can call ahead and reserve one for you and your friends if you’re so inclined. Lucky Strike also has huge plasma TVs and projection screens for viewing the Rockets game or other sports on Friday night; they also have some pretty good food here like burgers, sandwiches, wings, tacos, and more. Those seeking the VIP treatment can reserve the Luxe Room which comes with four private lanes, a dedicated bar, and a large projection screen for viewing whatever you like. Also, on the 13th it will be Flashback Friday Happy Hour here from 3 to 7 p.m. featuring drink specials starting at $3; DJs will be on hand spinning hits from the '70s, '80s, and '90s as well.  (1201 San Jacinto,

People have often mistakenly believed that if a black cat crosses their path on Friday the 13th, it will bring them bad luck; this is silly of course, to quote Groucho Marx, "a black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere." This Friday, why not reject superstition and visit Alley Kat, which just happens to have a black cat pictured on their Facebook logo? And there might even be a real-life alley cat wandering about out front which won’t harm you in the slightest; Alley Kat is actually a cool place to visit any time of the year. This two-story bar hosts diverse crowds as well as diverse musical acts; indie rock bands, Spanish rock, hip-hop and DJs spinning vinyl can all be found here. This Friday Alley Kat is hosting a record release party for Austin’s The Eastern Sea, with Grand Child and George West also performing, followed by DJ Sets from Andy V and Luz. Good times.  (3718 Main,

Big Star Bar has a gigantic backyard patio full of picnic tables and wooded areas that again reminds one of Camp Crystal Lake from Friday the 13th; Big Star Bar has the added benefit of nighttime fires out back that adds to the summer-camp feel of the place. You can bring your dog along with you as well, and the bar’s resident cat does not seem to mind. Inside there are some cool checkerboard tiles on the floor and a curated jukebox that is full of good tunes; there is also some beat-up but comfortable furniture, red lights that provide some atmosphere and a pool table if you need to burn off some energy.  (1005 W. 19th,

Many people truly believe that 13 is an unlucky number; the folks at 13 Celsius Wine Bar sure are not worried about it, using it in the name of their place and all. Actually, the name came about because they store their wines in a climate-controlled cellar at 13 degrees Celsius; the fine wine here is made up of selections from all over the world and customers can purchase this wine by the bottle, glass, half-glass, and taste. 13 Celsius also serves meat and cheese plates and other food items if you arrive with an appetite; tying into the Friday the 13th movie theme, they serve s'mores for dessert with a little fire at your table. Definitely something the young people at Camp Crystal Lake would have indulged in.  (3000 Caroline,
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