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Houston's 10 Best Bars for Guys’ Night Out

Dude’s night out doesn’t always have to devolve into The Hangover (the first one, the good one) or even that one Chappelle’s Show skit where everything hilariously devolves. Sometimes a group of guys want to get together, have a few drinks and maybe watch a game or something while enjoying conversation. Houston, with its array of nightlife, doesn’t lack for these options. In the interests of equal time, a ladies'-night list will follow soon, but here are ten of the best “guys’ night out” spots in town. (Note: We excluded strip clubs from this list because, well, that’s a list unto itself.)

If a bunch of fellas are looking to stay out all night, get wild and perhaps get into some trouble, they might want to look elsewhere. But anyone looking to take a seat at a picnic table, have a cold beer, watch sports and enjoy a little conversation has come to the right place. West Alabama Ice House offers a neighborhood barbecue sort of vibe, including food trucks, bar games and good people. (1919 West Alabama,

Rebels is the perfect spot to visit once you’ve had your fill of the nearby Washington-area bars and are looking for cold beer and country music. Plus, this bar has a mechanical bull and one of those boxing machines that read the impact of a person’s punch and score it (these are both great ways for intoxicated men to engage in a little one-upmanship). Rebels even offers bottle service geared toward bachelor parties and the like; the Bachelor package includes Fireball, Jack Daniel’s and Enchanted Rock vodka. (5002 Washington,

The best patio in Midtown, Irish Cowboy – the former Celtic Gardens – is tailored to a group of young men looking to knock down some drinks and socialize with the locals. With more than 10,000 square feet of patio space, barbecue roasting outside, live music blaring and an array of twentysomethings looking to make some memories, Irish Cowboy is one of the best times you’ll have in Midtown. (2300 Louisiana,

There is nothing flashy about T-Bones, the consummate dive bar. What the bar does offer is tasty crawfish (when in season), cold, cheap beer, sports on TV, and a nice outdoor deck. For a group of guys looking to get out and mingle with the ladies, T-Bones probably isn’t your spot. But for a group of old friends in the mood to catch up while scarfing down bar food and enjoying some low-key conversation, this hidden Houston gem is the place to be. (1971 West TC Jester,

Beer, food and golf. Yeah, Top Golf is tailor-made for guys’ night out. Yeah, the golfing bays can get a little pricey at $40 per hour during peak times, but even at those prices, four guys could play two hours for $20 a pop. When the golf is done, head to the bar and watch sports on TV, or head downstairs for free pool. (3 Houston-area locations,

More of a "guys’ day out" type of spot, mostly because most major soccer matches are played several hours ahead in the UK, Richmond Arms is the spot in Houston to watch soccer. With ample parking, a nice patio and plenty of good grub and beer to enjoy during the match, Richmond Arms is ideal for those looking to enjoy “the other football” with fellow revelers. (5920 Richmond,
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