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Houston's 10 Best Bars for Non-Texans Fans

Houston is, above all, a Texans town. Of course, our city is also among the most transient in the country; simply put, many people now calling themselves Houstonians aren’t from Houston. This creates a melting pot of sports allegiances in the Bayou City. In addition to the legion of loyal Texans fans, Houston is home to a number of other large fanbases. Whether it's national brands like the Steelers, Packers and yes, even the Cowboys, our city doesn’t lack for NFL-fandom diversity. Nor does it lack for places non-Texans fans can enjoy watching their team play on TV. Here are ten of the best bars in town for non-Texans fans to enjoy a little Sunday football.

Be advised, though, that these bars make for perfectly fine Texans watching as well; unlike other joints in and around Houston, they simply don’t devote every single TV screen to the hometown team. (Note: This list is in alphabetical order.)

The standard bearer of area sports bars, Christian’s Tailgate is the place to be on Sundays for Texans and non-Texans fans alike. However, since the demise of Big Woodrow’s (RIP), the Christian’s White Oak location has become prime viewing for New Orleans Saints games. Meanwhile, the Midtown location has become a go-to spot of sorts for Baltimore Ravens fans. Whatever your Christian’s of choice, order the burger; it’s one of the best in the city. (four Houston area locations,

Look, Texans fans, we know you hate the Patriots for all they’ve done to you over the years. You’re not alone; everyone but Patriots fans hates the Patriots. That said, those who want to support the Evil Empire can do so by meeting up with the Houston Patriots fan club every Sunday at Diablo Loco. The bar food is solid, and the margaritas rank among the best Houston has to offer. (6025 Richmond,

Yeah, this place is out in Sugar Land, but it seems that lately in Houston, it takes damn near 30 minutes to get anywhere anyway. Pittsburgh Steelers fans might as well make the drive out to the suburbs to cheer on what is perhaps the most storied franchise in professional football. Do so while munching on bar food like nachos and cheese fries and sipping on a cold beer. (9907 South Highway 6, Suite 300, Sugar Land;

Otherwise known as the happiest bar in Houston during Super Bowl LV in February, this Rice Village Irish bar is a popular spot to watch the world champion Denver Broncos in action. So if you’re curious to see how well Mark Sanchez fills the shoes of Peyton Manning, or even if you’re a Texans fan who simply misses Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips, the Gorgeous Gael is your Sunday spot. (5555 Morningside,

Little J’s may be the most underrated bar on Washington, but on Sundays, it’s the place to be for any and all fans of the San Francisco 49ers. So, if you’re looking to watch immortals like Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick attempt to complete a forward pass, or to see what kind of overrated offensive scheme head coach Chip Kelly has up his sleeve, do so while knocking down a few cold ones at Little J’s. (5306 Washington,
All three Lucky’s locations make for fine football watching, no matter your affiliation. But the venue’s Heights location is populated by fans of the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings throughout the season. That means the place was bumping last season; both teams made the playoffs in 2015. Who knows what this season will bring for either team, but rest assured Lucky’s will keep fans happy with tasty bar food and plenty of ice-cold beer. (three Houston-area locations,

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