Houston's 10 Hottest Female Singers

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Lately I have had the pleasure of reporting on a lot of our city's female front women, and let me tell you something; they are a good-looking bunch. We don't just grow good sets of pipes in Houston, we make sure the packaging is first rate as well. Today we look at a few of the best looking girls onstage that you can catch in the clubs.

Oh, and just a note, every single one of the girls listed here is a first-rate musician with tremendous talent. We are not in any way trying to objectify them. We're just saying that there is more than one upside to seeing them live.

10. Michelle Miears, BLSHS A relative newcomer to the Houston electronic music scene is electro-siren Michelle Miears. She's a sweet-faced girl with a shy smile that sometimes hides behind a cascade of tousled brunet hair. Waif thin with legs that disappear miles above her standard stage attire of a mini-skirt, she's a pale, ghostly vision to behold.

9. Doomstress Alexis, Project Armageddon You might recognize the Doomstress from recently having an entire day named after her by Mayor Parker in honor of her work in the transgender community. Alexis rocks a body that obviously never misses the gym, and is comfortable in either her leather Lita Ford look or even in a full on evening gown when the mood hits her. One thing's for certain, she is completely unmistakable.

8. Zahira Gutierrez, Wild Mocassins The Moccasins have really become indie-scene darlings, and some of that has to be laid at the quirky appeal of their frontwoman. Zahira is one of the more fearless women in Houston music when it comes to fashion sense, and always conveys a welcome tone under her wild locks. She's got a poise and warmth that can melt any heart.

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7. Caretta Bell Bell is known for her incredible range as an R&B singer, taking notes up and down smoother than a newly installed elevator. What sounds good looks good, too. Caretta sports curves you'd better not tackle without a damn fine set of tires, and has one of the best complexions in the whole city. Add in a tendency to cast coy little spells out from under half-lidded eyes, and you are gone, baby, gone.

6. Danielle Renee, Only Beast No picture of Danielle Renee is going to do her justice. You can't capture what she does with her physical presence while on stage with a snapshot. In a static image she's certainly pretty in a playful, pixie-ish manner, but it's when she starts belting out songs that she turns into a human knife-blade of sex appeal. She's scary-hot when she sings, passionate in tone and movement. Go see her and you'll get what I mean.

5. Candy Caine, The Asexxxuals She goes to great lengths to hide it under garish accessories, bizarre contacts, and a blood-stained face, but Candy is one of the bar-none hottest goth singers Houston has ever had. To quote Nick Cave, she's got a pretty little mouth underneath all that foaming. Diminutive and decked out with tattoos, piercings, black vinyl, and her own handmade collection of jaunty hats, Candy can give you a scare, but makes up for it with pure kink.

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4. Asli Omar, The Tontons Like the band she fronts, Asli can't really be defined in any standard terms of beauty. There's something otherworldy about her, whether she's strutting in a skintight mod dress that shows off her considerable attributes or wrapped in loose shirts like a girl waking up in a dark, handsome stranger's bed after a romantic adventure. No matter what the context, even if she's making a goofy face, Omar comes across like an image of a pagan goddess come to life.

3. Ash Kay, The Freakouts With Bliss Blood gone to New York these many years past, it falls to Ash Kay to uphold the legacy of untamable women in Houston. Often seen in various states of undress, watching her is like being caught in the world's sexiest train wreck. Everything about her is pure and visceral, with an uninhibited force that leaves her singularly noticeable in any context. Bleach blonde hair and a bag full of bondage paraphernalia, that's what brings to boys to the yard.

2. La Catrin The former Heist at Hand member is out on her own in a pop-goth solo outing, and she works it well. On stage you never know what sort of costume she'll come out in, though you can bet it will be black and leave no room to the imagination exactly how much room there isn't between the clothes and Catrin.

Honestly, though, more even that her physical gifts it's Catrin's smile that is the real turn-on. It's a demonic thing, full of temptation and promise, and she uses it on the audience like a dominatrix uses a riding crop.

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1. Lauren Miller Aside from a killer string of YouTube videos, you have to keep and eye out to catch Lauren out on stage. She's one of the most powerful singers in the city. Usually she's off rocking Pride Idol, and she just headed out to House of Blues in Dallas with the Bayou City Outlaw Band. She's also a regular performer in the Houston Burlesque Revue, and it's easier to see why they like having her around.

Miller sports a supermodel's form, everything from long toned legs up to frontal ammunition that can only be described as military-style weaponry. She matches that with an actor's physical charm, using body language to tell a story with each dance number and song... a sexy, sexy story.

Jef has a new story, a tale of headless strippers and The Rolling Stones, available now in Broken Mirrors, Fractured Minds. You can also connect with him on Facebook.


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