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Bask Makes Fuzzy Pop Sound So Inviting

Bask make fuzzy pop injected indie rock that's worth checking out.
Bask make fuzzy pop injected indie rock that's worth checking out. Photo courtesy of Poison Moon Records

On their latest release Cask, the Houston band Bask quickly prove that fuzzy pop infused indie rock can sound great.

Opening with the catchy sounds of "Just Another Day," the band employs a gurgling bass and distorted vocals, snapping through the song with a solid verse. This continues with the grunge opening of "Harder To Tell," and dual vocals remind you of early Pixies before the drums lick in from the background.

The lo-fi aesthetic in many ways is a just a hair or two above the records Sebadoh made before they had a "hit" song. They keep things fun and spirited on the third song "Blue Notes," though it's the fourth song "Busy Body" that hits and rings, slowing things down a half step.

The feedback on slower song, "Crumble" offer another side to the band, reminiscent of a mix of early Buffalo Tom and Teenage Fanclub.  They pick things back up on the furious and fearless sounds of "The Path."  The band ends the record with an epic 15-minute track which is the album replayed, though there is a little ditty at the end that's not really anywhere else in the six previous tracks.

You can order Cask in a very limited run cassette version from Houston's Poison Moon Records.
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