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Houston's Best Weekend Shows: SCOTS, Deltron 3030, Roky Moon, Queensryche, etc.

Southern Culture on the Skids Continental Club, March 28 & 29

Taking a 30th-anniversary victory lap this year, Southern Culture on the Skids has parlayed their image as overalled, chicken-flingin' hillbillies into a virtual empire of lowbrow kitsch and randy "toe-suckin' geek rock." On the Chapel Hill, N.C. trio's Web site, you can learn how to make "Fried Pickle Stabber Slabbers" or "Apple Juice Pork Ribs," or replenish your stock of tacky SCOTS gear from the "Skidmart."

But their music has never been cheesy: SCOTS is a high-powered trio that can tackle everything from rockabilly to surf and swamp-rock, and has particularly astute taste in covers, as heard on 2007's Countrypolitan Favorites LP and live staple "Daddy Was a Preacher (But Mama Was a Go-Go Girl)." After inaugurating their own Kudzu Records with 2010's The Kudzu Ranch, SCOTS' latest project is last year's career-spanning Dig This!: Ditch Diggin' v. 2, complete with a bonus disc of karaoke-ready instrumentals. CHRIS GRAY

Betty Who Fitzgerald's, March 28

Bold, Aussie singer-songwriter Betty Who is but a wee baby in terms of the music world, but you'd never guess from the confident tone of last year's debut EP, The Movement. Who's striking style and insightful lyrics led MTV's Buzzworthy to tap her as "This Year's Major One To Watch" and Elle magazine to anoint her the "next pop obsession."

Such predictions have already started coming to fruition -- last month her song "Somebody Loves You" reached No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Dance Tracks chart. With Zak Waters and Cardiknox. ANGELICA LEICHT

Deltron 3030 House of Blues, March 28

The circa-2000 brainchild of rapper Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, turntablist Kid Koala and producer Dan "The Automator" Nakamura, Deltron 3030 the group birthed Deltron 3030 the album, the tale of a heroic rapper fighting to graft some humanity onto a corporation-dominated future dystopia. At its core, though, the hip-hop Star Trek concept was simply an opportunity for all three members to showcase their superb talents.

Deltron 3030 left a trace of its futuristic DNA on any number of projects in the years to come -- not least 2001's Gorillaz, featuring Nakamura's production and Del's guest rap on hit single "Clint Eastwood." Because this was far too good of an idea to leave in the studio, late last year the trio reunited for another album, Event 2, and have now brought the whole enterprise out on tour. CHRIS GRAY

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Roky Moon & BOLT! Fitzgerald's, March 29

Houston's music scene has had a substantial platform-heeled hole for the past couple of years, since Mike Hardin dissolved Roky Moon & BOLT! and decamped to Austin to focus on his other band, American Sharks. But every so often he can be coaxed into putting that feather boa back on and tapping into his inner Meat Loaf, while BOLT! does their best Spiders From Mars impressions behind him.

A Roky Moon show once changed lives one Ziggy Stardust/Freddie Mercury pose at a time; with the band reported to be playing 2011 sophomore LP American Honey front to back Saturday, the memories will be sweet indeed. With Satellite d'Homme -- a new project from Mario Rodriguez of Bang Bangz and Tax the Wolf -- A Giant Dog and Mikey & the Drags. CHRIS GRAY

Queensryche House of Blues, March 29

In late-'80s heavy metal, Queensryche's ambitions were a sight loftier than one more Jack and coke at the strip club. The Seattle quintet had already released a handful of forgettable post-Iron Maiden albums, but came into their own with 1988's Operation: Mindcrime, which soared thanks to an assist by two-time Oscar nominee Michael Kamen's symphonic strings.

A sinister concept album detailing a soldier of fortune's struggle against an Orwellian society, told through defiant anthems like "Revolution Calling" and "Eyes of a Stranger," Mindcrime has aged remarkably well, both musically and thematically. Queensryche would go on to have other hits such as 1990's "Silent Lucidity," but this album remains the foundation of their identity; logically, they're taking it out of mothballs for a 25th-anniversary tour. CHRIS GRAY


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