Black Kite continues to exceed all boundaries on new track.
Black Kite continues to exceed all boundaries on new track.
Photo by Madison Tippit

Black Kite Leaks New Track

Houston's Black Kite does everything on her own terms. Album cycles, single drops, even down to what's considered a full length and an E.P. don't faze the producer and singer. However, on her latest song "The Threat," Black Kite treads new territory while her haunting vocals remain.

Opening with dark notes, the song takes a quick turn to a more mellow sound. The electronica elements are still here, though the mix from Dan Workman offers up a more forward sound. Whispy vocals dance underneath and Tippit adds more depth to her songwriting. The song has new pop elements, but steers far from being a traditional pop track. Echoing artists like Banks and Holly Herndon, Black Kite extends her path into new territory without abandoning her past.

You can stream the track all you want above or purchase your own copy from the Black Kite Bandcamp page. With no new performance dates on track, Black Kite will go into a small seclusion while she works on her yet to be titled third album, due later this year or early next year.

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