Houston's DJ Buddha Disputes DWI Charge

The above mixtape touts Missouri City's DJ Buddha, as a "Hustler to the End," but HPD thinks he may have been hustling a little too much.

Buddha was involved in a bizarre chain of events in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. It began as, according to the associate of Trae the Truth, he was on his way to a CD release party when his SUV was struck by a Ford F-150. That pickup wound up in Greens Bayou, from where a man believed to be the driver was pulled later on Wednesday morning, after a 120-mph car chase while, Buddha says, he was on the phone with police. A little later, Buddha stopped at a gas station to inspect the damage (and get a soda) and wound up arrested for DWI.

However, Buddha says he thinks the police really wanted to charge him with something much more serious, as in murder or manslaughter, and indeed mentioned as much to him. (He also admitted, to the cops, that he had "one puff on a joint" several hours before the incident.)

HPD wouldn't comment, citing the ongoing investigation, but Buddha had plenty to say to our colleague Craig Malisow. Get the story over on Hair Balls.

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