Houston Music

Houston's Five Best Experimental/Noise Records of 2014

5. P.L.X.T.X., P.L.X.T.X./Spathic split tape "Check!" yells like a sound of an alarm clock reminding us that being awake is simply not enough; awareness and action are integral parts of our human existence. And "Slumber Youth" chokes and shakes you out of indifference. Chants of "Fuck you! Fuck this! Fuck everyone!" lurch forward with vitriol.

P.L.X.T.X.'s sound rips away the vestiges of Atari Teenage Riot and Aphex Twin's spurious breakbeats of the mid-'90s. By embracing the vocabulary of past masters instead of reinventing it, Bradley Munoz closely examines the sonic trajectory of the future through meticulous use of noise as accents and gates as shallow breaths.

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Stephan Wyatt