Bayou City

LYTA Adds Her Name To Houston's Electronic Scene

Lyta mixes R&B groove and electro-pop on debut E.P.
Lyta mixes R&B groove and electro-pop on debut E.P. Photo by Brian Dobry

The chances are high that you've never heard of Houston's LYTA. The up and coming electronic artist hasn't played more than a handful of shows, and she's only dropped a song in the past year. On her debut E.P. ID, she mixes R&B with electro-pop in the most inviting way, while adding her stamp to both in the process.

With the opening notes of "Mirrors" the R&B influence is immediately heard where the chill beat and outer space synths mix with the singer's vocals to sculpt an engaging sound. The track clocks in a bit over the three minute mark. The lead single and lone track that LYTA has already released, "Cherry Eyes" follows; it's a pop banger complete with hook filled chorus.

The third track "Poison" embarks on a trip to far away spaces while LYTA's vocals dance underneath the notes. Things stay relaxed on the following track, while the E.P.'s closer "No More Ghost" offers up the second banger of the five — perfect as a jam to blast while you cover pavement on a warm and balmy Houston night.

You can stream ID on all platforms when it drops on July 27. While a release party is not set in stone, you can follow LYTA on Facebook and Soundcloud for updates on when that will take place.
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