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Shows of the Week: A City Unites to Assist One of Houston Music's True Good Guys

Christian Kidd (left) with Mel Hell of Zipperneck (center)
Christian Kidd (left) with Mel Hell of Zipperneck (center) Photo by David Ensminger
See Below, June 12-18

According to David Garrick, a minimum of arm-twisting was required of the musicians he asked to participate in one of the most ambitious projects this city’s music scene has seen in a good long while — seven different benefit shows at seven different venues, featuring more than 30 local acts, including Los Skarnales, B L A C K I E, Dollie Barnes, Black Kite, Another Run, Mydolls, Rose Ette, Ruiners, The Cops, Frog Hair and the reunited Flamin' Hellcats. As with last month's "Rock For Light" fundraiser, all the proceeds will go toward helping Christian Kidd, front man of H-Town punk mainstays The Hates, in his battle with cancer.

“Most people in this town are nice,” says Garrick, the chief music writer of Free Press Houston. “When they heard about it, they said, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll do that.’”

Despite the complex logistics of such an undertaking, Garrick says he pulled together the schedule in about three weeks — in spite of his FPH writing duties, straight job and keeping perhaps the city’s busiest concert-attendance schedule (follow him on Facebook or Instagram to see what we mean). That he simply credits to wise time management and knowing the right people to approach, namely venue owners and booking agents he’s already been dealing with for years; plus sponsors Topo Chico and Lone Star. Mostly, though, Garrick says booking the benefit week was easy thanks to the many favors the Mohawked singer has done for his fellow musicians throughout The Hates’ nearly 40-year span, himself included.

click to enlarge Kidd (right) and The Hates at Houston's Parade club, 1980 - PHOTO BY BEN DESOTO/COURTESY OF DAVID ENSMINGER
Kidd (right) and The Hates at Houston's Parade club, 1980
Photo by Ben DeSoto/Courtesy of David Ensminger
“When I was 17, 18 years old and I was in a crappy little band, Christian was always nice to all of us,” says Garrick. “He’s been the gateway for most people starting in at least punk music for a long time. I mean, Linda [Younger] from Mydolls told me that their first show came from them. The Hates and Christian are kind of like a public utility — they’ve been here forever. You know what I mean? And he’s such a sweet guy.”

Beyond his own personal connection to Kidd, Garrick says he wanted to reach out to more than just Houston’s punk scene — and indeed, as seen by tonight’s free poster exhibition at Insomnia Gallery, into its art scene as well — as a way of showing that given the opportunity, most Houston musicians will do the right thing and step up when one of their own needs a hand. (See here for ticket links and other details about this week’s shows.)

“Someone told me one time that it was sweet that I was optimistic about how the industry could operate," says Garrick. "I think what they meant was that people could get past their differences and just go, 'We’re musicians and we should unify as musicians.' That’s kind of what this is.”

Poster by Brandon Bowers-House of Eyes/Courtesy of David Garrick
Monday, June 12 — Insomnia Gallery (708 Telephone): Poster show featuring the art of Chris Oddo, Ack!, David Garrick, HoneyBones, House of Eyes (Brandon Bowers), more. (7 p.m., all ages, free)
Tuesday, June 13 — Continental Club: Los Skarnales, Flamin' Hellcats, Tax the Wolf, A Sundae Drive. (8 p.m., 21 & up, $15)
Wednesday, June 14 — Rudyard's: Dollie Barnes, Bang Bangz, Arthur Yoria, Chase Hamblin, Adam Bricks. (8 p.m., 21 & up, $10)
Thursday, June 15 — Walter's Downtown: Another Run, Mydolls, Rose Ette, Talking Forever, Birthday Club, The Daphne Blue (Formerly Valens), Sergio Trevino. (7:30 p.m., all ages, $10-$15)
Friday, June 16 — The Secret Group: Trillblazers, Black Kite, Guilla, Tee Vee, Kyle Hubbard, Pitter Patter. (7 p.m., all ages, $10-$13)
Saturday, June 17 — Rockefeller's: The Satanic Overlords of Rock N Roll, The Cops, Ruiners, Funeral Horse, Frog Hair, Turnaways, Since Always. (7:30 p.m., all ages, $12-$15)
Sunday, June 18 — Big Star Bar: B L A C K I E & Moths. (7:30 p.m., all ages, pay what you can)

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