Houston's Top 10 Bars to Cure Your New Year's Eve Hangover

As our sister blog Eating...Our Words does, from time to time Rocks Off will be giving your our picks for the top taverns in various Houston-area neighborhoods. Of course, the lines can be porous, but here anything with a TABC license that cannot reasonably be considered either a restaurant, coffeehouse or live-music venue is fair game.

10. MKT BAR Located inside Phoenicia Specialty Foods, MKT Bar is the perfect little hideaway in which you can drink and nosh your hangover away. It has a wide selection of beer and wine, plus a small stage where you can often catch local musicians beating out their tunes. The music is largely unobtrusive, even with a wicked hangover, and MKT's delicious bar menu will have you feeling all better in no time.

1001 Austin, 832-360-2222, mktbar.com

9. SAINT DANE'S BAR & GRILLE We used to side-eye Saint Dane's when it first took over our beloved Late Night Pie location, but we're well past that now. Not only is Saint Dane's open New Year's Day, but it's Paint Nite! But don't worry; if you aren't in the mood to put on your artist's hat, you can still drink away the hangover with those dollar drafts and half-off wraps. You'll be all better in no time.

502 Elgin, 713-807-7040, saintdanes.com

8. CECIL'S If you way overdid it on New Year's Eve, we recommend Cecil's as the cure to last night's debauchery. Cecil's is kind of like that comfy old pair of sweats, but with beer and darts as an added bonus. You can snuggle up with a beer in one of the worn old chairs or couches and laze the night away, vowing never to drink again. Well, at least until that stout you're bear-pawing does the trick. Then you'll be up to no good all over again.

600 West Gray, 713-527-9101

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7. MAX'S WINE DIVE Washington Avenue may not be your thing, but Max's should be. Nothing cures a nasty hangover like down-home cooking and mimosas. You may want to head over early, though. Max's is having a massive wine sale at the same time as your New Year's hangover, so you might have to push your miserable way through the crowd to get a seat. It'll be worth it, though.

4720 Washington, 713-880-8737, maxswinedive.com

6. GRIFF'S HOUSTON Artery-clogging, deliciously greasy food? Check. Lots of sports as a distraction from that headache? Check. And plenty of adult beverages to choke down as you nurse yourself back to life? Check, check and double check. Griff's is one of the best places to recover from a long night, even if Griff's is the cause of your pain from the evening before. Just saunter back in like you own the place, and they'll welcome you with open arms, hangover and all.

3416 Roseland, 713-528-9912, griffshouston.net

5. LUCKY'S PUB You can guarantee that you won't be the only one rocking a massive headache the day after New Year's Eve at Lucky's Pub. It's home to that whole infamous black-tie/lingerie/toga party you hear so much about, but also for following it up with a hangover cure or two the day after. There's enough craft brew, greasy food and skee ball in this place to keep you distracted from that wicked bass going on in your head.

801 St Emanuel, 713-522-2010

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4. MEZZANINE LOUNGE At Mezzanine Lounge on New Year's Day, there's steak night, beer specials and food specials all waiting for your hungover ass, and no one will judge. They've all been there. Just drag your sissy butt up there and order a beer; they'll fix you right up.

2200 SW Fwy, 713-528-6399, mezzaninelounge.com

3. BRC GASTROPUB Biscuits and beer, man. BRC is the place to be on New Year's Day, even if the idea of more carbs seems deadly. Tough it out and let the folks at BRC rescue you. You won't even remember the copious amounts of champagne you downed in earnest on New Year's Eve.

519 Shepherd, 713-861-2233, brcgastropub.com

2. LITTLE DIPPER Little Dipper may not have food to soak away your New Year's Day blues, but they do have lots of alcohol. These local bar veterans, with their Poison Girl credentials, also know all of the ways to fix what it's done to ya, child. Just hop on in there and ask 'em.

304 Main, @littledipperbar

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1. EL GRAN MALO For the biggest, baddest hangover cure around, head to the ones known as "The Big Bad," El Gran Malo's literal translation. Try a little mythical little thing called the "Roasted Garlic Bloody Maria," and thank us by bringing one by our offices. We'll be just as achy as the rest of you.

2307 Ella, 832-767-3405


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