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Houston's Top 10 Cougar Bars

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7. PETE'S DUELING PIANO BAR Classic-rock covers busted out via dueling pianos? How could the more refined ladies not want to hang out here? This small(ish) bar is always packed with cougars and piano-bar fans alike, and it can get pretty rowdy, but really that's a good thing. There lack of space ensures you'll brush up against one of the ladies you're lookin' for at some point during the night.

1201 Fannin, 713-337-7383, petesduelingpianobar.com

6. CAPS PIANO BAR Caps is nothing like our previous piano bars -- Howl at the Moon and Pete's are much more chaotic -- so don't expect to roll in here and start downing boneyards or shots. It's a cozy little bar, full of an older, more refined crowd, but younguns are still welcome to join in and appease the cougars who prowl this place. Just don't order anything that involves Jagermeister -- it's whiskey or nothing here.

2610 Briar Ridge, 713-784-0024

5. TASTING ROOM UPTOWN We may be listing the Uptown Tasting Room location, but really, any Tasting Room you visit is full to the brim with our favorite feline on the prowl. Again, wine. It's like the cougar version of warm milk. Comforting for the soul. So is music, and the Tasting Room does a good job of providing it, although we once saw a guy here who performed an acoustic version of Sublime's "Date Rape." That was weird, but the cougars are worth it.

1101 Uptown, 713-993-9800, tastingroomwines.com

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