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Houston's Top 10 Cougar Bars

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4. FUAD'S If you've never heard of Fuad's, you're not alone, but you're missing out big-time. In the same strip center as The Palm, it's a fantastic little-bitty restaurant with no menus and a chef who comes out to take the order from each table. Play stump the chef here; you can't win.

We aren't here to talk about food, though. We're looking for cougars, and you'll find them in Fuad's back bar, which is the closest you'll come to watching a live scene from Dallas in the '80s. The big hair, oil money, and cougar antics are the best part of this place. Whenever we eat here, we ask for a table by the bar to observe. Maybe one of these days we'll be brave enough to just go to the damn bar instead, but until then we'll just watch the cougar hunt go down.

6100 Westheimer, 713-785-0130

3. RINGSIDE AT SULLIVAN'S The name of the bar at Sullivan's Steakhouse is a totally appropriate moniker, really, given the amount of cougars prowling this circus.

4608 Westheimer, 713-961-0333, sullivansteakhouse.com

2. SMITH & WOLLENSKY Yes, Smith & Wollensky is a steakhouse, but it's also got one of Houston's best cougar bars. We've literally never been in this bar without spotting at least one table of cougars on the prowl, and the bar stays open quite late, so we can imagine it only gets better as the night goes on. Lots of good wine and an interesting crowd keep these ladies coming back night after night, we'd guess.

4007 Westheimer, 713-621-7555, smithandwollensky.com

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