Houston's Top 10 Family-Friendly Bars

As our sister blog Eating...Our Words does, from time to time Rocks Off will be giving your our picks for the top taverns in various Houston-area neighborhoods. Of course, the lines can be porous, but here anything with a TABC license that cannot reasonably be considered either a restaurant, coffeehouse or live-music venue is fair game.

Hey you! Yeah, you. The one dragging that sticky little creature by the hand, looking bedraggled and in major need of a drink. We have a bar list for you.

And you won't even have to pawn your spawn off on a sitter. All these bars are spawn-friendly, and some of them even have sandboxes to negate the stick.

10. JAKE'S PHILLY STEAKS & SPORTS BAR Sure, Jake's sells a mad decent Philly cheese, but you know what else they sell? Beer, and lots of it. This place is as much of a sports bar as it is a Philly mill, so if your kid is driving you insane, pull him along to Jake's with the promise of more sugar.

You'll get a break and some much needed alcohol, and Buster can run around annoying the other patrons for a bit. None of the staff will even side-eye you for it. No promises on the patrons though. You're on your own with them.

2944 Chimney Rock, 713-781-1962, jakesphillys.com

9. CENTER COURT PIZZA & BREW Brew is the key word in this equation; you can grab a refreshing adult beverage and your kid can grab a root brew, or whatever it is the under-21 crowd is drinking these days. And you won't be alone: plenty of Pearland parents flock to this place to escape the constant kid-badgering that comes with weekend boredom. You can also guarantee that whatever game is being broadcast will be on, so you won't even have to choose between football, beer, and your sanity. For once, anyway.

9721 Broadway, Pearland, 713-436-3927, centercourtpb.com

8. THE GOOSE'S ACRE BISTRO & IRISH PUB Not only can you drag along your little offspring at The Goose's Acre, but your offspring can drag along their little dog to keep them entertained while you drink away the pain on the patio. Hurray!

The Goose's Acre may be one heck of a drive for the inner-loopers, but you'll be patting yourself on the back for this bar decision once you're chillin' out by the water with no whining child glued to your leg. They'll be too busy feeding their food to the dog to bother.

21 Waterway Ave., 281-466-1502, thegoosesacre.com

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7. CEDAR CREEK A patio and beer: don't you know? A patio is like kid crack; it can keep them running in circles for hours, and they won't even check in with you while you sip your beer. They're too busy running in circles.

And don't worry about that whole safety component. Little Suzy is visible from all angles of your safe zone on Cedar Creek's patio. The only thing you'll be thinking about is what beer to order next.

1034 W 20th., 713-808-9623

6. COTTONWOOD Another patio, a well-thought-out beer menu, and you won't get lectured for having a baby in a bar. We can dig it.

3422 N Shepherd, 713-802-0410, facebook.com/cottonwoodhouston

5. THE BACKYARD GRILL It's in Cypress but we don't care, because this place is kid-friendly enough to make it worth the drive. It's big on school fundraisers, and has both a burger challenge and "bucket of destruction," both of which will amuse your mini-me while you down your suds.

The Backyard has a sweet beer club too, aptly named the "Beer Crew," which will put your name on the wall for trying out every one of the beers on offer. It's basically begging you to take your kids three, or four, or six times a week, but we won't judge.

9453 Jones, 281-897-9200, thebackyardgrill.com

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4. STADIA SPORTS GRILL Is it before 9 p.m.? Yes? Then it's a go. Take that screaming infant into Stadia, where you're always welcome to bring your bouncing bundle of joy so long as you observe the curfew. And don't worry; Katy isn't the only location. It's just the one we like best. There are three other Stadias in the various 'burbs that will welcome you with open arms, even if your kids loathe you.

You'll like this place; it's a for-realsies bar, but they let parents in just long enough that you begin to wonder what's become of your life. Especially when you realize you've got spit-up down the front of your shirt instead of that lady-drawing Axe spray. That's what the beer is for.

22762 Westheimer Pkwy., 281-347-6077, stadiagrill.com

3. TEXAS BORDERS BAR & GRILL We know plenty of parents who escape the confines of their home by slipping into Texas Borders with the kids in tow. It seems to be an awesome respite from whatever the heck happens when you have children. There's beer, some mad decent food, and more beer. You really can't go wrong.

19910 Park Row, 281-578-8785, texasborders.net

2. WILLIE'S GRILL & ICEHOUSE There are about a billion Willie's and Fajita Willie's out there, and they seem to be multiplying as fast as your household does. They're great, though, so we say keep on keepin' on. There are frozen margaritas a-plenty, and most locations have sandboxes and stuff to keep your kid knee-deep on something other than your face for a few hours. That's just enough time to remember why you secretly like the little sticky monsters, right?

19770 Tomball Pkwy., 281-242-2252, williesrestaurants.com

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1. BLACK JACKS BAR & GRILL We've got another sandbox! And more beer!!! (That word deserves multiple exclamation points at this point.) Not only that, but you'll find mainly parents hanging out at this place, so you won't be the sole person drinking with little ones in tow.

However, we think you'll like the millions of drink specials even more than the parents and the sandbox. There are weeknight specials, Saturday night specials, and Texas Night specials, whatever that means. Hopefully it means cheap drinks.

16103 W. Little York, 281-858-6500, blackjacksgrill.com


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