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Houston's Top 10 Hipster Bars, Clubs & Icehouses 2014

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410 Main, 713-228-2800, Facebook page

9. PETROL STATION Petrol Station is proof that the whole "hipsters only drink Lone Star" legend is incorrect. Believe it or not, craft brew also attracts hipster clientele, which makes Petrol Station ripe for hipsters' pickin'. This "beer bar" offers a ton of 'em, even divided by category to make it easier if your malt beverages have come out of a can in recent years. The vibe is a little reminiscent of Austin, but with more crunchy-NPR hipsters than the guitar-toting waifs in skinny jeans you'd find there.

985 Wakefield, 713-957-2875, facebook.com/petrolstation

8. ALICE'S TALL TEXAN DRIVE INN The Tall Texan only serves two beers: Lone Star and Shiner. That's it. So it's hardly surprising that this place has become one of Houston's more hipster bars, and their righteous jukebox only adds to the draw. It's full of old honky-tonk tunes you can claim you were listening to before they were mainstream. Got a couple of bucks? Get a beer in a frozen fancy goblet. You'll feel like a hipster version of Lil Jon in no time, Tall Texan crunk cup and all.

4904 N. Main

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