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Houston's Top 10 Karaoke Bars

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4. GUAVA LAMP Karaoke at Guava Lamp, one of our favorite gay bars, is absurd in a very, very good way. Check it out any Wednesday night, but it's best to get there early -- it's always ass-to-elbows packed once the sun goes down. Don't worry, though: the bartenders won't mind if you show up to pre-game it one bit.

570 Waugh, 713-524-3359

3. ZILLER You may not be familiar with Ziller, but you should be if you like karaoke. This Spring Branch-area bar is more of a traditional Korean karaoke place than anything, but that doesn't mean you're not welcome. There are plenty of Japanese, Korean, and English tunes to choose from, and you can do it all from the privacy of your own private karaoke room. Check out their super high-tech restrooms too.

10179 Westview, 713-722-7111

2. GLITTER KARAOKE Anything with the word "glitter" in it has to be fancy and awesome, right? We have a soft spot for karaoke bars where you have to bare it all on one large stage in front of the entire crowd, and that's Glitter in a nutshell. The song selection is fantastic, as are the weekly specials: it's a well-oiled machine.

2621 Milam, 713-526-4900

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