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8. BOB RICHERSON'S WAREHOUSE Okay, so this is technically in Stafford and it's also technically not a record shop. But Bob's warehouse is a manifestation of a digger's dream. A former record-convention organizer -- and a longtime attendee as a dealer before that -- Richerson retired after being diagnosed with throat cancer. He opens up his 3,000-square-foot warehouse on the first Saturday of the month, making his literally hundreds of thousands of pieces available to customers.

There's no Web site, but a quick Craigslist search for "Stafford records" will turn up his ad fairly fast. A longtime associate of Huey Meaux, Bob was given the opportunity to buy up the Crazy Cajun catalog when Meaux was arrested. His collectible Beatles and Elvis sections also run quite deep, and there's some other memorabilia scattered among the rooms that are stacked to the ceiling with records.

Oh, and Bob's always got free coffee, Cokes, water and doughnuts on hand for his loyal customers. Be sure to bring cash, though.

335 Staffordshire 4-A, Stafford

7. SCREWED UP RECORDS & TAPES Houston's renowned Screwed Up Records & Tapes is no longer in its original spot, having made the move to its new West Fuqua location. The shop is still a celebration of the life of the late DJ Screw, however, and carries only one type of item: the legendary screw tapes.

With the catalog currently beyond tape number 250, there are certainly plenty from which to choose. For those new customers feeling overwhelmed, the folks behind the counter are happy to offer up some direction, pointing out the essentials and some staff favorites. The downside here is trying to figure out just when the shop will actually open, as the hours aren't very specific.

3538 W. Fuqua, 713-434-2888, screweduprecords.com

6. BLACK DOG RECORDS This shop has moved, trading its Shepherd digs for a Bissonnet location. Fritz, the shop's namesake, passed in 2007, but customers can expect to see owner Cliff Dotterer accompanied by Frankie Lee and his two Labrador retrievers who have taken up the position.

Black Dog's used stock is carefully inspected to ensure it's up to par, with Dotterer poring over each piece before it hits the floor. There's a hefty selection of newer pressings and reissues as well, but the true treasure here might just be listening to Dotterer's stories. The self-described "old flower child" has more than a few, including one that involves sitting onstage while Led Zeppelin performed their entire first album.

4900 Bissonnet #102, Bellaire, 713-522-6001, blackdogrecordstx.com

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