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This week's Houston Press cover feature is about Twitter and its implications, for better or worse, within the social-media world. For "The Twitterverse," we spoke with Twitter stars from Houston and Dallas, asking them how they use the site daily and what could be different about their experience with it. We talked to social media coaches, web designers, talk-show hosts, entrepreneurs, bloggers, moms... and, of course, musicians. For musicians in both cities, the site is valuable tool when it comes to getting the word out about upcoming shows and leaking tracks on the fly to fans and followers. We spoke with Houston indie-rapper Fat Tony about his genre's tie to Twitter, and sat down with Jeremy Osborn of Wayside Drive to ask him why rockers have been slow warming up to the site. From what Rocks Off could tell, it's been the hip-hop cats who have embraced the site a sight better than their power-chord-crunching counterparts. The Houston area is full of tweeting musicians of almost every style and stripe, and we gathered up five of them for you. These guys and girls aren't just tweeting out links, but also showing you parts of their lives away from the stage and studio. For them, Twitter isn't just a shilling vehicle; it also brings them closer to their fans. @seanpadilla: A few months back, our own Shea Serrano talked to this Austin-based artist and sole Cocker Spaniel about his influences and his cookie-making business. Nearly 24 hours a day, it seems, you can find Padilla tapping out his opinions on music and society on his Twitter profile. He plays Houston enough to qualify him for duel citizenship here, too. Sample tweet: "@MissOneE Fela = Imagine a Nigerian fusion of James Brown, Bob Marley, John Coltrane & Malcolm X. That's STILL a reductive description." @Buxtonband: For the past month, Buxton has been chronicling their journey creating their second LP at SugarHill Studios. The profile is usually manned by bassist Chris Wise or other members of the band. If anyone is interested in buying a used Buxton bass, here is your chance. It's a pretty badass bass. Sample tweet:"Back to the studio Tuesday night. Things are coming together really nice. We've got a solid foundation down on about 4 songs." @jettimasstyr: Jett I. Masstyr and MC hasHBrown send Rocks Off a new mixtape it seems every few months, and do a good job of alerting the world when something new from them is dropping. Their Web site is full of live videos from them and their fellow indie-rappers. Sample tweet:"#nowplaying #np hall & oates w/ david ruffin & eddie kendrick 'Live at the Apollo' http://twitpic.com/1p67ux" @chamillionaire: Rapper Chamillionaire tweets endlessly, and lately he has been talking mostly about the basketball draft and NBA playoffs. When he's not watching sports, he takes followers along with him to gigs and photoshoots. He's even nice enough to drop a few Twitpics when he feels like it. Sample tweet:"I decided to live life on the edge tonight. Yep you guessed it, ordered something crazy on the menu. Ha. Don't know what it is but its good." @jazzhouston: If you are a jazz-head in Houston, follow this profile to get your daily fix. Most news on jazz gigs comes from word of mouth or the long-standing residencies at bars and lounges that do not get publicized. Rocks Off checks this Twitter profile almost daily to keep up our own online jazz listings. Sample tweet:"Takayuki Moro Group: 8pm at Avant-Garden (formerly Helios) http://bit.ly/8MisYq" BONUS TWEETER @tonythepope: We first got wind of Backslash while judging a high school battle of the bands competition back in the winter. (They won.) Tony Pope is the lead singer and guitarist of the band and his tweets take us right back to high school, because he is only 16. It's like he's us, but 12 years younger. Sample tweet: "I'm about to fucking kill my dad for dissing Metallica >:("

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.