Houston's Wicked Poseur Teams With The Room Star Tommy Wiseau For New Clip

This morning we got an HD look at the Tommy Wiseau-starring video for Wicked Poseur's "Hideous Things". The simple production, with the star of cult-hit The Room turning into a werewolf over the course of the two-minute song, was directed by Funwunce director Rick Darge and Mark Armes. Armes previously made that stellar video for LCD Soundsystem's "Home" which wowed the now-defunct group and got the production team some great notices.

The song can be found on WP's self-titled seven-inch (har har) which is available at most fine indie record stores around Houston at the moment. We talked to Armes, who now makes his home in California, about the video, Wiseau, and the makeup job.

Wicked Poseur - Hideous Thing from FUNWUNCE on Vimeo.

Rocks Off: Where and when did you make the video?

Mark Armes: We shot the video at Tommy Wiseau's compound in Los Angeles over six months ago. Shortly after shooting it we were forced to put it on the back burner for a little while. We figured Halloween would be a great day to release it so we finished it up this last week. Is it a trick or a treat? You decide

RO: How did Funwunce get to know Tommy?

MA: Wiseau and Funwunce vacation to his home planet on weekend getaways every other month. Last time we were in his ship, we threw on some Wicked Poseur and he fell in love with it. He really identified with the song and with a laser gun to our heads, he forced us to make the video.

RO: How did Tommy respond to the wolf makeup?

MA: That's not make-up, Tommy is a shape-shifter. (Ed. Note: Oh my...)

RO: What's Funwunce up to in the next year?

MA: Lots of stuff is planned for Funwunce headed into 2012. Notably our first feature film and our new web series. As always though, I'm sure we will sprinkle a hearty dose of dumb music videos in with all the serious work we have to do.

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