Yaupon bring a lot to the table for their debut release.
Yaupon bring a lot to the table for their debut release.
Photo by Katie Huehlefield

Songwriters From Defunct Golden Sombrero and Race To The Moon Combine to Make Yaupon

When bands go away it's always sad, though when Houston lost two bands in Golden Sombrero and Race To The Moon, it only seemed natural that the two principal songwriters from each would join forces. The result is Yaupon, a band that goes further into folk rock. On their debut release Whispered History, the five piece treads into territory once made by the likes of Gram Parsons and Big Star.

The band opens with the hook heavy sounds of "Life of the Party,"  a head bopper. "Charleston Rose," is a fun and note heavy tune. There's a magic to the guitar notations here where the quintet finds a way to add noodling to the mix while the stride is closer to Van Morrison. Almost like a modern version of "And It Stoned Me," the song evokes past sounds without coming off as dated.

The band takes a more rock approach on the third song, "Imaginary Binds" while adding a violin and a more melodic chorus. They dive deeper into this feel on the final track, "Take Notes" where they add a jangled guitar note that dances between organ and drums to sound a bit like a mix of Uncle Tupelo and Big Star.

You can stream Whispered History on all platforms when it drops on July 21 or grab it from the group's Bandcamp. The band will perform their album release party at Rudyard's on Saturday July 21. The 21 & up show has performances from Second Lovers and Jealous Creatures. Doors at 8 p.m.; tickets $8.

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