How About Some More HPMA Nominee MP3s?

Rocks Off would like to thank this year's music award nominees who sent us a couple of MP3s like we asked you to a couple of days ago. By our count, about 11 nominees have now sent us some music, which leaves... well, a lot. We're still a little afraid to count.

Please help us out. The more of you that send in your MP3s, the more you will help Rocks Off achieve our master plan of having a complete library of 2010 nominees ready for when the voting begins July 15 online and July 22 in print. Because we are staring at our Rhino calendar as we type this (hello, John Coltrane), we can tell you that is exactly three weeks from today. As in, not a whole lot of time, y'all.

So please send them to chris.gray@houstonpress.com, with "hpma" in the subject header. Lowercase will help your emails avoid getting snagged in our persnickety Spam filter. We'd also still like you to tell us what you've been up to lately, and send a recent picture. Please send that in a separate email, though - those MP3s take up an awful lot of memory, so we have to delete the emails after we download the songs.

Anyhow, today we present songs from Kennedy Bakery (Best Folk), Plump (Best Rock, Best Miscellaneous Instrument - Jonathan Jackson, saxophone), Preemo (Best Latin Hip-Hop), Rowe (Best Rock), Two Star Symphony (Best Instrumental/Experimental) and World's Most Dangerous (Best Metal, Best Drummer - Ash Hendley). Enjoy!

Kennedy Bakery,

"Baker's Dozen"


"Don't Let It All Get You Down"


"Hard Eight"


"Propositions and Lemonade"


"The Ultimate Truth"


"I Understand"


"Hollowed Ground"


"People Left Behind"

Two Star Symphony,

"Another Little Terror"



World's Most Dangerous,

"B&B (Bourbon & Blow)"


"Whiskey Dick"

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