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How Important Is It That Rappers Be "Real"?

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Sam Sneed: I always think that you should be real in no matter what you do. As a Christian artist I really don't feel pressure to be real because of Matthew 10:22:

"All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved."

I am promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ, and if I am not real in what I do how can I expect to bring anyone to the Lord. If on stage people hear me say this and that about the Lord and then they see me in the streets doing the opposite of what I say I stand for, then in their eyes they would deem me as a hypocrite.

I, however, sometimes feel a little pressure because of the ministry I am in and who I represent. What I mean by this is that people think that Christians are supposed to be perfect and shouldn't make any mistakes. So they go above and beyond out of their way to catch you making a mistake. Although I am not perfect or without fault, I do believe that I should at least be real and live the lifestyle I rap or talk about.

Back in the early '90s when gangster rap was big, there were a lot of studio gangster rappers. Some of them were rapping about killing cops, shooting their enemies, and making money for evil deeds in the studio, but on the street they were not doing or even thinking of doing no such things. They were using the First Amendment (The Freedom of Speech) of the United States Constitution to portray a tough guy image.

The problem I saw with that was that some of them were talking about things there were not doing, and they had many young people who looked up to them thinking that the things they were talking about was cool to do. Gangster rap promoted negative messages and got a lot of young people into trouble because they were actually doing the things they heard their role models say they were doing.

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