How Long Will DMX Stay Out Of Jail This Time?
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How Long Will DMX Stay Out Of Jail This Time?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday, even on national holidays, Rocks Off will have some of them hear discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Paul Wall, Delo, GT Mayne, Show, Mr. Wired Up Oh Boy, Renzo, hasHBrown, Authentic Snoopy and more

Not Invited: The criminal justice system

This Week's Prompt: It was announced recently that DMX, perennial convict and longtime favorite rapper of Rap Round Table, will be released from his latest stint of incarceration. Naturally, we're starting a pool: How long will it be before DMX gets sent back to jail?

Paul Wall: Never go back.

Delo: He might stay out for good this time.

Rap Round Table: Perhaps. He might also grow wings and fly to Jupiter. We'd say it's even money on either of those things happening.

Delo: [laughs]

GT Mayne: I honestly think he gets it together this time and stays out.

Show: He won't.

How Long Will DMX Stay Out Of Jail This Time?

RRT: He stays out? That seems a lot like ebtting the sun won't go down tomorrow.

Show: What can I say? I'm rooting for him.

hasHBrown: The very next day.

Mr. Wired up Oh Boy: December, no specific date.

Authentic Snoopy: December.

RRT: You're the second person to say December. Does everyone know something we don't?

Authentic Snoopy: Nah, but that sounds like enough time for him to stop caring about freedom again.

How Long Will DMX Stay Out Of Jail This Time?

Kyle Hubbard: DMX is done with jail. Nothing but movie roles opposite of Steven Seagal from here on out. Exit Wounds 2 coming summer 2012.

RRT: Nothing would make us more happy than an Exit Wounds movie franchise. You wouldn't even have to re-shoot the film, you'd only have to change the title. Nobody would even notice.

Kyle Hubbard: Exit Wounds 4: The Fourth Exit Wounds movie. Splice in some clips from Half Past Dead on the even number films and bam! $$$

Renzo: First off, i would like to commend your choice of favorite rappers. Many people don't respect his position in the game. DMX has a public drug problem that used to be a private drug problem. If he has kicked the drug, he won't go to jail. If has has not, everyone will defecate themselves when they hear the song that him and Busta Rhymes did.

The greatest part about that comment is that I haven't even heard it, but I'm sure it exists.

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