How Much Would You Pay for the New My Bloody Valentine?

I have to admit, I'm not the biggest My Bloody Valentine fan in the world. I thoroughly enjoy Loveless and their newest record, mbv, but they're not my favorite band.

I guess that's why I wasn't aware until the band released a statement about it that people are selling that new record for assloads of money on eBay.

The funny thing is, out of all those people selling those ridiculously priced copies of it, none of them actually has the record. Yes, before you get your hopes up, as the band said in that statement, all those auctions are fake.

Maybe some of these people burnt the record or maybe they're just planning to send you a copy once the album is actually physically released later this week (orders ship this Friday). Regardless, my interest was piqued when I realized people were trying to make a quick buck in a stupid, stupid way. I had to check it out.

So how much would you pay for a copy of mbv? Would you pay $99.99?

How about if you want to buy it in the UK? Oh boy, that'll cost you anywhere from 120 GBP ($186.31 USD) to 125 GBP ($194.08 USD)!

So is anyone actually getting taken in by this? Let's hope not, for the sake of shoegaze fans everywhere. Luckily, there were a lot more of these floating around when we checked into it a couple of days ago. It seems eBay is dilligently taking them down.

Still, it might behoove fans of any band to beware scams like this. It would seem like common sense that nobody on eBay is going to be able to purchase a record from a band before you can, but for some it may not be. So be warned: If you see a record on eBay and you can't buy it from Amazon, it's probably a fake.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.