How NOT to Raise Money to Make a Music Video

Friends and enemies, music videos are an enduring passion of ours, both filming them ourselves and reporting on the best that we come across year after year. We think the medium has only become better and better with technology being made easier and cheaper for the average independent artist to master as well as the range that YouTube gives for that work to spread globally.

Now, videos can be expensive, epic affairs such as the Cradle of Filth's "Lilith Immaculate," or they can be cheap and easy shoots like the 71s "Get Up and Dance." We judge the final product not on its flashiness, but on its originality and how well it fits the song. Still, we'll admit that the slicker works get more attention, and therefore understand the need to try and raise money for equipment, props, etc.

We encourage you not to follow the path set out by Stanton LaVey, grandson of the founder of the Church of Satan Anton LaVey, who was himself a pretty awesome musician. Stanton's plan is to hold his Facebook hostage for donations.

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