Hozier Fights the Good Fight Against a Chatty Houston Crowd

Hozier Warehouse Live March 19, 2k15

For about five songs it looked like Hozier's debut performance in Houston was going to be a triumph.

He hit the stage and from the start he and his bandmates sounded great. The songs early in the set were upbeat and catchy and just flat out good, the types of songs you long to hear at concerts sometimes. The crowd was loud in their approval, almost louder than the music on stage, and people seemed really in to singing along.

And then it happened. He slowed it down. He got quiet. He played a beautiful duet with cellist Alana Henderson. And it was at that moment that the dragon that is talkative Houston crowds reared its ugly head.

The show would recover, eventually, but this was probably not the dress rehearsal anyone was hoping for before he returns to town next month.

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