HPMA: Guess What? More Winners: Sideshow Tramps, Homopolice & A Dream Asleep, DJ Sun

Well, Little Joe didn't sit in with the Flamin' Hellcats, but Scarface sure did. Dude's got some serious Chuck Berry mojo going on. Who knew?

Best Tribute Band: Beetle. Thanking a multitude of Houston music royalty. Beetle really is a sight to behold, and about a minute fraction of the cost of a McCartney ticket.

Best Bassist: Chris Applegate from indie-poppers Mechanical Boy. Mild-mannered as hell, he thanks Nick Gaitan for being the better bassist...

Best Jazz: Free Radicals Where are the Free Radicals??

Best Hardcore/Noise: A TIE! Homopolice & A Dream Asleep. Josh from the Homos scolds us for buying the Assfucker seven-inch and asks the lithe female presenter to turn him straight. We are meeting him later at Ripcord...

Best New Venue: Mango's. Owner Omar Afra makes an aside about them beating the House Of Blues. Their win gives us supreme hope for this town.

Best Punk: The Flamin' Hellcats. Too tired from smoking with Scarface, literally and mentally.

Best DJ: DJ Sun. Houston's DJ laureate...

Best Rock: Mechanical Boy. We need to look into these kids...

Best Roots: Sideshow Tramps. Geoffrey Mueller and Craig Kinsey are caught in a torrid embrace on stage. They love this town, and each other! Here's comes Little Joe Washington and family in tow at Kinsey's beckoning. Repping the Third Ward guitar pickers.

Best Music Venue: Warehouse Live. Natch. The place is clean as hell and has kick-ass air conditioning. Ask Flash, one of the doorguys to tell you some stories. Dude is epic.

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Craig Hlavaty
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