HPMA: Rocks Off Presents Awards to Whoever's Left

10:09 p.m.: Like a proud momma when she sees her baby fly for the first time, that's what this is watching both Chris and Craig present awards to Alvin Community College's own Lost Fidelity, we're proud of them as well.

10:10 p.m.: Best local song of the year belongs to Mechanical Boy with "She Does." Fans definitely helped on this one. Though they didn't take the stage to accept, without your support this wouldn't have happened. Thanks.

10:12 p.m.: Best Songwriter goes to B L A C K I E. Award accepted on his behalf by Chris and Craig, only half as cool as it could have been had he stuck around.

10:13 p.m.: Best Local Musician of the Year belongs to Little Joe Washington, this could be interesting. Unfortunately, the afterparty begins, Rocks Off will be twittering from there. Little Joe has swept the awards show as far as we're concerned, taking three awards and giving the best speech of anyone around.

Mechanical Boy ended the night, epic, that is the word to describe this, or at least Little Joe's stage appearance's...until next year, folks. Well, tomorrow morning, but what's the difference?

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Kim Douglass
Contact: Kim Douglass