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"After the show it's the afterparty..."

-- Jay-Z

Another year, another successful HPMA showcase. And unlike those wimps up in Chicago, a little rain wasn't gonna stop us here in H-Town.

And what better way to end an evening of live music than with a dance party featuring five of the city's best DJ acts? The Houston Press knows how to throw a party, y'all. Here's proof:

DJ Name: iPod Ammo Style: Hip-Hop Righteousness to Ratchetness Standout tracks dropped: Ricky B, "Y'all Holla"

Ammo's range is broad, and his track selection will undoubtedly surprise you, ranging from the new (Kanye's "Mercy") to the classic (Dr. Dre's "Xplosive" and "Nuthin But a G Thang") and the swag dance rap (Cali Swag District "Dougie"; Tyga, "Rack City"). He certainly provides ammo for your MP3 device.

DJ Name: Candlestick Style: Chopped Not Slopped, House Party Champion Standout tracks dropped: Los Del Rio, "Macarena"

It takes guts to play that god-awful "Macarena" song and expect us to take you seriously. But if anyone can do it, Candlestick can. No slowed down tracks in this set, starting with dubstep remixes of Drake, Fun. and Adele, then laying down "Apache (Jump On It)" to round off the "I can't believe he played that" vibe. Good show, sir.

DJ Name: Remix Style: Girl Talk-ish, mixing at warp speed, but smooth enough to grind to. Standout tracks dropped: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song

Mister Remix is a maniac. He can drop Bone Thugz's "Thuggish Ruggish Bone" after "I Want You Back" by the Jackson Five, and you will just nod your head in approval. He keeps it street, except when he's keeping it reggae or soul. He earned major points for the Z-Ro and Slim Thug tribute, inciting some girl-on-girl action in front of the stage.

DJ Name: Gabby of Grrrl Parts Style: "Let me show you what dance music is supposed to sound like..." Stand-out tracks dropped: Empire of the Sun's "Walking On a Dream"

Gabby was the only female on the roster last night, taking the boys to school with a dance-lesson plan that included dubstep, moombahton, baile funk, trance, Miami bass, house and probably several other genres that are equally cool and obscure. Check out more "Snapback Swag" at the "Haters Make Us Famous" nights at Boondocks for more Grrrl Parts fun.

DJ Name: Rudebwoyz (MC Buda Love & DJ Sinik) Style: "Ya mon! Come dub and step wif us, yeah" Stand-out tracks dropped: And extended dubstep version of Jay-Z's "U Don't Know"

To be honest, after eight hours of working the HPMAs, my memory of these guys is hard to decipher. That's okay, though; so is their sound, in a good way. You can't really hear the transitions between tracks, but rather groove and feel the bass as one resonant frequency of deep, trance-inducing wave. A perfect way to end the night on a high, I mean low, note.

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