HPMA Showcase Spotlight: Buxton, "Five Friends Cook Dinner Together, Watch Seinfeld"

In the weeks leading up to the Houston Press Music Awards showcase on Sunday, August 4, Rocks Off will be profiling a handful of performers each day, mostly in their own words - part of the best top-to-bottum lineup the showcase has ever had, in our humble opinion. See the showcase schedule and ticket information at, and watch Twitter (@hprocksoff) every day until the showcase for your chance to win tickets.

If this is a band, to which member are we speaking? What are you nominated for? Hey Chris, this is Chris from the band Buxton. We are nominated for Best Folk/Americana.

Please list all of your regular band members and what instruments they play. Sergio Trevino, lead vocals/acoustic guitar; Jason Willis, electric guitar/mandolin; Chris Wise, bass; Justin Terrell, drums; Austin Sepulvado, electric guitar/keys/accordion.

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Describe yourself or your band in four to seven words. Well, that's tough. But I'll try. Five friends cook dinner together, watch Seinfeld.

Who is your single biggest musical influence and why? Again, tough. But in all honesty, after doing this together for ten years, I would say we all influence each other more than any one particular artist. We've done roughly four full-lengths at this point, and more than a few odds and ins thrown in there.

Each record is a very natural progression and the way we work together largely influences the sound produced. And I guess the why, would be because we're very good friends. I can't imagine doing it any other way, and I don't see why anyone would.

What recordings (if any) do you have readily available? We currently have Nothing Here Seems Strange available in any record store you may find yourself in, we're very fortunate to have good distribution. You might find the single "Boy of Nine" in stores too. If you feel so inclined to look online, you can find it all there too.

Our 7-inch single "Feathers" that we put out in 2009 can still be found in Cactus. Those are for the most part good as gone. Other back catalog is out there somewhere, that might be available at some point later down the road.

Have you ever been HPMA-nominated before? When and what for? We've been nominated for Folk/Americana and its various incarnations for the last four or five years? I don't really remember. I think Jason was nominated for best guitar player and Sergio was nominated for vocals. In 2008, I believe A Family Light was nominated for best album. But, that was 2008 so I'm not too sure. Always happy to be nominated, though.

Where and how often do you perform (publicly) around Houston? We generally try to not perform more than once a month. It all depends on what's offered and if it makes sense. I would strongly suggest checking our Web site for stuff like that!

What is the next step for you and/or your band? Well, we just got back from Athens, Ga., demoing songs for our next record. We were out there for roughly seven days and cranked out about 17 songs. So the next step is to make a new record and hopefully put it out sometime next year.

Finish this sentence: "Houston music is..." Emoji thumbs-up.

Buxton's HPMA showcase spot is 9 p.m. Sunday, August 4 at House of Blues (Music Hall), 1204 Caroline. See more about the band at or

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