HPMA Showcase Spotlight: The Hates, "Surprisingly Fast. Fist-Pumping Loud"

In the weeks leading up to the Houston Press Music Awards showcase on Sunday, August 4, Rocks Off will be profiling a handful of performers each day, mostly in their own words - part of the best top-to-bottum lineup the showcase has ever had, in our humble opinion. See the showcase schedule and ticket information at HPMusicAwards.com, and watch Twitter (@hprocksoff) every day until the showcase for your chance to win tickets.

To which member are we speaking? What are you nominated for? Christian Kidd, and the Hates are nominated for Best Garage/Punk/Hardcore.

Please list all of your regular band members and what instruments they play. Christian Kidd, guitar and vocals; Bruce Courtney, drums; Michael Dauzat, bass and backup vocals.

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Describe yourself or your band in four to seven words. Surprisingly fast. Fist-pumping loud. Old-school punk. Oi! Oi! Oi!

Who is your single biggest musical influence and why? David Bowie. Hands down. I've always maintained that glam is one of the fathers of punk -- and in my mind David set the standard for being beautifully fierce and unapologetic for doing whatever he wanted to do musically as well as a person.

He's managed to blend so many influences into his career -- skiffle, folk, blues, psychedelia, prog, mime, funk and so much more -- and I'd like to think that over the years I've allowed my various influences to show through my music as well.

What recordings (if any) do you have readily available? New World Oi!, Texas Insanity, Greatest Hates, Forbidden Existence and 30 Years of Hate via iTunes. Greatest Hates and 30 Years of Hate via CD.

Have you ever been HPMA-nominated before? When and what for? At least the last two years. Same category.

Where and how often do you perform (publicly) around Houston? Usually once or twice a month.

What is the next step for your band? By summer's end we're releasing a new 7-song EP called Shank. We'll announce a release event at Cactus Music as soon as we work out the details.

There's also a mini-documentary about the Hates that is currently in final production and will eventually air on Houston Media Source.

Finish this sentence: "Houston music is..." Houston music is unique in all the world because it is slow-cooked in Southern heat, sweetened with talented musicians from around the world, spiced by swamp-water humidity, with a tang of space-city technology. Anything that can be dreamed up, we can make it happen -- and make it taste like nothing else.

The Hates' HPMA showcase spot is 6 p.m. Sunday, August 4, at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar, 1201 Fannin. See more about the band at thehates.com.

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