HPMA: We Have Some Winners: Fat Tony, Cactus Music, Swishahouse, Nick Cooper, Kristine Mills

Born Liars injected some scuzzy rawk n' roll to the festivities after we were dressed for not repping the zydeco scene. It's really amazing how fast yet how together the Borns really are live. Equal parts MC5 and The Clash.

Here come some more awards, kids....

Best Underground Hip-Hop: Fat Tony is our man! Third Ward's native son plugs the last night of the "Speakerboxx" DJ night at the Mink...

Best Record Store: Cactus Records! And here is Quinn Bishop. He's done a shit ton for Houston music this year.

Best Local Label: Swishahouse in the well, house. Well not so much. No one showed.

Best Drummer: Mr. Nick Cooper of the Free Radicals grabs the honor. Dang, boy is nowhere to be found. We think he's on Facebook somewhere right about now.

Best Female Vocals: The lovely Kristine Mills is Houston's best female singer. Super classy all the way, she plans on bringin' bossa nova back...

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