Hyperbubble's PSA For Remembering Your Cat's Birthday

Just back from a tour of various European locales is Texas' happiest electronic-pop couple, Hyperbubble. Earlier this year we told you how their latest release, Candy Apple Daydreams, was possibly the best beepity boopity spin-disc to come out of Texas since Asmodeus X's Morningstar, and now the synthesizer duo has been kind enough to bring a visual dimension to the album's stellar title track in a music video.

In the video, the band's rehearsal is interrupted by a devious feline armed with Bond-villain technology. (If Bond villains used silly string, they probably could've stopped George Lazenby.) It's everything that Hyperbubble is - bright, happy, cute in boots and cannot be removed from your head without a lobotomy.

That's fine with us. Rocks Off likes it in his head. It hides the Nickelback stains. Best of all, it's a fantastic opportunity for those of us in Houston who are dying to get an eyeful of a Texas band definitely on the upswing.

Seriously, Houston, somebody has got to book Hyperbubble in town!


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