I Got My 18-Year-Old Foster Daughter Pregnant
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I Got My 18-Year-Old Foster Daughter Pregnant

Dear Willie D:

I’ll keep this short and to the point for obvious reasons. I just found out my 18-year-old foster daughter is five weeks pregnant. Since I’m the only man she’s ever been with sexually, that makes me the father. We are in love and desire to be together, but my wife and societal norms are standing in the way.

Do we have the baby and move in together, or do we terminate, and continue to live as one big happy family?

Fostering Sex:

(Trying desperately not to judge.) Living as one big happy family is not an option when you’re married and having an affair with your foster child. Something’s gotta give. Spare your innocent wife the indignation of continuing to sleep with another woman under her roof.

Of the two eccentric options you listed, because there’s no quicker way for a relationship to fail than being in one with someone you don’t love, having the baby and moving in together seems more plausible.

We all make mistakes, but every (unborn) child deserves the best start possible.

I Care More About Animals Than Humans

Dear Willie D:

I have always had a special place in my heart for animals, more so than humans. I guess it’s because I view animals as defenseless creatures, and humans as predators who hurt everything they touch.

My sister who hates animals came to visit me from out of state, and got mad because I allow my cat to lie on the sofa and walk around the kitchen during dinnertime. After a few hours of her constant nagging, I told her to get a room, and kicked her out.

I hate saying this, but if I had a choice, I would commit human beings to the pit of hell, and live solely amongst animals. Do you think something is wrong with me for feeling this way?

Animal Lover:

Hmmm. I hear a lot of people say they love animals more than humans because animals are innocent. Well, so are millions of humans who are brutalized and murdered by other humans. Now if someone told me he or she loves animals more because animals love unconditionally without judgment, I could see that.

I once read a post on social media where a woman said she witnessed another woman observe a homeless man and his dog on a street corner. After a few minutes, the woman went into a fast-food restaurant, bought a burger, returned and fed it to the dog. I’m not saying something is wrong with you, but something is definitely wrong with society.

My Boyfriend Isn’t the Gentleman I Thought He Was

Dear Willie D:

My boyfriend of two years is a wonderful guy, except he doesn’t hold doors for me to walk through. In the beginning of our relationship he did, but not anymore. This really upsets me. The other day when it happened, we were at the gas station. He opened the door and walked in, leaving the door to swing back toward me. It almost closed on me.

I was so embarrassed because an older man who was walking in behind me rushed to stop the door from closing on me. The look on his face spoke volumes. I have spoken to my boyfriend about this already, but it went in one ear and out the other. How do I get him to open doors for me?

Closed Doors:

Start by paying him a compliment about the nice things he does for you already, then say…"but I really love and appreciate it when you open doors for me."

For all that women go through with birthing, menstrual cycles and balancing career with family, it’s my belief that us guys really should put in more effort to lighten their load and make them feel special.

I know, I know, the feminists will call you a weak little girl, and won’t appreciate your man’s efforts, but it’s like my mom used to say, so what!

I Caught My Sister Stealing Money from My Mom

Dear Willie D:

This is very embarrassing. I recently discovered that my younger adult sister has been transferring money from my mother’s account to hers in increments of $1,500-$2,000 every week over the past two years. My mom is elderly and relies on me and my sister to help her make important life decisions.

My sister handles most of her finances. She set up her online banking, so she has her login information, which gives her total access to our mom’s money. My mom isn’t rich. She worked hard for every dime, and the money my sister stole was supposed to last her for the rest of her life.

Now she will have to seek government assistance, or one of us will have to care for her financially. I am a female working check to check with three young kids, so there’s only so much I can do to help. I want to call the cops, but doing so will devastate my mom and land my sister in jail. What should I do?

Very Embarrassing:

Talk to your sister, and give her a chance to pay the money back within a specified time. If she fails to comply, ask yourself, “If I file charges, will things improve or become worse?”

Your answer will guide your decision.

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