Idol Beat: The Final 36, Group 3 Results

In honor of Randy "That Was Hot!" Jackson, startlingly homely American Idol Season 6 auditionee

Jennifer "The Hotness" Chapton

, and rapidly shrinking boomer-rawk mag

Rolling Stone

- which boasts a "Hot List" annually - today's edition of Idol Beat comes at you from a "Hot" perspective.


Von Smith's ludicrous, gravity-defying, Ed Grimley uplick last night. Was that a minor miracle of cosmologic science, the product of a liter or mousse, or, in my wife's words, Von's attempt to make himself look like "a duck's ass"?


Lil Rounds (natch), Jorge Nunez (whaaa?) and Scott MacIntyre, who made through on sympathetic "he's blind" votes; his "Mandolin Rain" performance Tuesday was unforgivably shakey. Last night's reprise, though? A heck of a lot better, probably because the pressure was off.


Randy's black-rimmed, bloodd-tinted specs, which matched his zippered shirt adorned with sequins arranged in the shape of two guitars. I bet he's all over this new U2 album. HOT WILD CARD CONTESTANTS Tatiana Del Toro: because out-and-out nutjobs are in short supply at this point. Von Smith: because comic relief is in short supply at this point. Jesse Langseth: just in case you didn't have an excuse to hiss at your TV screen. Megan Joy Corkrey: to demonstrate, again, that arm tattoos and baby-doll dresses don't mix - like, at all. Anoop: because he totally deserves it. Also: Matt Giraud, Rickey Braddy, Jasmine Murray. Lord help us. HOT SANJAYA BOOK QUOTE ...after the break! I kid. It'll appear at the end of tomorrow's Wild Card episode post.

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