Idol Beat: The Top Nine Results

Karma's a bitch, ain't it? Megan Joy admits that she doesn't care what Simon Cowell thinks of her performances, and then, when the judges have to decide whether or not to save her from elimination, Simon throws that comment back in her face like an icy snowball. Karma at work, folks.

And teary-eyed Megan wasn't ultimately as tough and poker-faced - I swear, I'm not punning on Lady Gaga here - as she wanted everyone to think she was, with her weird/beardo airs, tatted-out right-shoulder-sleeve, shabby-chic fashion sense and stiff-upper-lip grin while getting slammed by judges determined to trap her (and every other Season 8 contestant) in a specific artistic cubbyhole.

I never liked Megan, and I say this as someone who spends a lot of time championing outsider oddball types. I didn't think her crow-calling, wing-flapping routine was funny or subversive - it was more "what the fuck" than anything else.


(Tangental side note: as the parent of a two-year old, I don't get how people can seriously wanna go through the American Idol spin-cycle knowing full well that they won't see their small children for weeks or months at a stretch - like, at all. Really.)

And yet I will miss Megan, because I will miss desperately wishing she'd disappear forever, never to be seen or heard from again; I say this as somebody who owns and enjoys Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple albums. America's the secondary winner here, because her daugher gets her freakazoid mommy back again.

Now, with that outta the way:

* This week's Ford videomercial is more or less just the intro to Ugly Betty, only more disturbing. * I forgot to mention this in yesterday's Idol Beat, but did you notice that Adam Lambert gave the backing band props Tuesday night? I mean, nobody ever, ever does that, even when they have a good performance. * Alexis Grace and Jason Castro are sitting together in the audience, looking visibly uncomfortable. * Lady Gaga welcomes you to a piano bar on Ios in 2537, where pianos are made of dry ice, all the violists have dreadlocks, and smoke machines are inescapable. * This bit where the hopefuls are imitating each other is kinda refreshing, and an example of something I really dig about this season: these folks are all obviously really tight, and their in-jokes and general camraderie just spill out onto the stage during these high-tension, someone's-going-home-soon moments. * Awww! David Cook's mom is singing along as he's performing his new single! And his album went platinum, which is saying something these days. Sucks that this new single is just sort of limpid and dirge-y, but they can't all be winners. Best aspect of this performance is the drummer, easily, who's headbanging and generally going apeshit like his life depended on it, which is what drummers invariably do when they know they're being filmed. This week's Bucky Covington Moment - from "I'll Walk" - is sponsored by Jordache: "She said, I'll walk/ Let go of my hand/ Right now I'm hurt, and you don't understand/ So just be quiet/ And later we will talk/ Just leave, don't worry/ I'll walk."

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