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First off, I'd like to extend a hearty Idol Beat way-to-go to the Fox minion or technological gremlin responsible for causing last night's episode of American Idol to cut out while Simon Cowell and Tatiana Del Toro were quibbling over the latter's decision to re-visit a particular Whitney Houston song. (Personally, I'm of the opinion that singing any given song more than once on this show shouldn't be allowed, but come on: her "Saving All My Love For You" was unfuckwithable. I'm totally buying her first, pre-Betty-Ford album whenever it drops.)

Thanks a whole lot for denying me the opportunity to catch Anoop Desai's Wild Card performance and catch various reactions when this group of eight was whittled down to four, and the decision was made for the Top 12 to become the Top 13. The episode proved elusive online last night, and I can't watch Web video here at work. Of course. Way to keep it classy.From what I was able to watch, I was able to discern the following:

* Everybody on the bubble seemed super-aware of just how high the stakes actually were, and wisely took into account the fact that the judges - not the American public - would decide this particular round. * It's fairly apparent, now, that the judges are idiots. * Tatiana Del Toro is probably handcuffed to a hospital bed right now, under heavy sedation, crying into her Mariah collection. * To no one's surprise, Anoop made it through. To my eternal surprise, a overaccessorized Matt Giraud rebounded from his Coldplay debacle to absolutely kill a Jackson Five song and make it through. Look for black-and-white paisley scarves to become ubiquitous good-luck charms. * Jasmine Murray, despite settling on a snoozy ancient ballad, sounded fantastic! She made it through. * I don't understand why Megan Joy Corkrey is supposed to be "the whole package" and "marketable," but the judges think she is, so steel yourselves for at least a couple more weeks of her. * Paula Abdul was sort of in couture cougar mode, wasn't she? I kept thinking that when the show ended for the evening, she'd hop into a Mary Kay Miata and roar off into the night. Another passage from The Book of Sanjaya: "My song selection surprised most everybody associated with the show. They probably didn't think I could do justice to a Kinks song, because I was the mellow crooner guy who, when it came to choreography, walked around the stage and did a little Gospel Rock dance move."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.