Idol Chatter

I missed the bulk of this week's guys night, but I did catch the review at the end, so I have enough to go on to make some predictions. Also, I have now officially soured on Chris Sligh. Yeah, the boy can sing, and yeah, he's cracked a few good ones this season, like when he prodded Simon with that Teletubbies quip. And when he made the long march to his L.A. Table of Reckoning and said to the judges "I know you're wondering why I called this meeting" -- honestly, that was really funny. But man, he has done not one but two "worship rock" songs now, and today it came to my attention that he is a former student of South Carolina racist wacko factory Bob Jones University. So now you can just call him Chris "Sideshow Bob Jones" Sligh.

Sligh doesn't appear to be in any real danger this week, though, but then on the other hand none of the dudes has broken from the pack. The only guy whose exit would astonish me this week would be Blake Lewis, the beatboxing kid. Everyone else would appear to be fair game for the dreaded Bad Day Montage.

On the female side, neither Melinda nor LaKisha is going anywhere soon. Before this week's episode, I predicted doom for Gina Glocksen, but I think she saved herself by reverting back to rock grrl form. None of the others are safe this week, and that includes both Stephanie Edwards, who reminds me of Anita Baker, and Sabrina Sloan, who is a good technical singer but exudes the warmth of a hibernating iguana.

How long a road of more talented singers' bones will Antonella walk? I'm predicting a little longer...and if she makes it past this week and gets in the final 12, she might stick around another month or so.

Speaking of predictions, here are this week's. (Last week I went two for four again, which makes me four for eight on the year.)


Should (and will) go: Phil "Nosferatu" Stacey, Jared Cotter


Should go: Antonella Barba, Haley Scarnato Will go: Scarnato, Sabrina Sloan

-- John Nova Lomax

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